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A certain portion of the human race has certainly a taste for being diddled.

We rarely talk about basic needs as a feminist issue. Food insecurity and access to quality education, safe neighborhoods, a living wage, and medical care are all feminist issues.

Brought too long a day; But now, I often wish the night Had borne my breath away.

I like to mix the street look with classy and sexy. I call it ‘hood chic.’ Justine Skye

Furious Styles: Any fool with a dick can make a baby, but only a real man can raise his children.

Hood Quotes

Every time I do it, I do it for my hood. — Young Jeezy

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions ― Robin Hood

A moment’s thinking is an hour in words

It is past time to make the conversation a nuanced, inclusive, and intersectional one that reflects the concerns of all women, not just a privileged few.

The fir trees are dark and high; I used to think their slender tops
We’re close to the sky: It was childish ignorance,
But now ’tis little joy To know I’m farther off from Heaven Than when I was a boy.

If you’re a young black dude from the hood you want to come through the hood in a car that makes a lot of noise. – Lil Baby

Furious Styles: Something wrong? Yeah. It’s just too bad you don’t know what it is… Brother.

I’m no savior, and I’m no Robin Hood. — J Balvin

If thou wouldst seek justice, thyself must be just. ― Stephen R. Lawhead,

Yet, since its inception, mainstream feminism has been insisting that some women have to wait longer for equality, that once one group (usually white women) achieves equality then that opens the way for all other women. . . . white feminism tends to forget that a movement that claims to be for all women has to engage with the obstacles women who are not a white face

But evil is wrought by want of thought as well as want of heart!

I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like Silence, listening
To silence.

Fool you don’t go to college to be talkin’ to no bitches. Your black ass ‘posed to be learnin’

When I was a kid, my favorite superhero was Robin Hood. — Stan Lee

So passed the seasons then, so they pass now, and so they will pass in time to come, while we come and go like leaves of the tree that fall and are soon forgotten. ― Howard Pyle

Frost is the greatest artist in our clime – he paints in nature and describes in rime

It’s not at all helpful for some white feminists to make demands of women of color out of a one-sided idea of sisterhood and call that solidarity. Sisterhood is a mutual relationship between equals.

For my part, getting up seems not so easily half as lying.

I grew up with pretty much nothing – in the hood, the ghetto – whatever you want to call it. – Deshaun Watson

I’ll tell you why. For the same reason that there is a liquor store on almost every corner in the black community. Why? They want us to kill ourselves.

If I’m in the hood, I like Chef Creole’s Haitian rice and stewed chicken. — DJ Khaled

Gold! Gold! Gold! Bright and yellow, hard and cold

Seemed washing his hands with invisible soap In imperceptible water.

My spiritual practice reminds me of what’s really real, and what’s really good. — RuPaul

Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood. They had all this foreign shit. They didn’t have shit on my brother, man.

What if there were health food stores on every corner in the hood, instead of liquor stores!?― Supa Nova Slom

I don’t set up for being a cosmopolite, which to any mind signifies being polite to every country except your own.

You may think that gun violence is a distant problem, with nothing to do with you, but if you pause, if you look around, if you look outside the bubble that privilege has created where you don’t have to worry about gun violence on a regular basis, you’ll see that it’s a public epidemic that we ignore. Every state, every city, and every income level has been impacted by gun violence

A woman sat, in unwomanly rags, Playing her needle and thread—
Stitch! stitch! stitch!

I think I’m a make every hood proud. Everybody that ever seen me come up, knows what I came from, knows how I came up, knows where I started. I feel like I’m just making everybody proud. – Roddy Ricch

each, I heard you been gettin’ that dope-head pussy. See, me, I probably get more pussy than you get air with yo’ wannabe mac daddy ass.

Most Robin Hood stories are not very exciting. There are not a lot of surprises. — David Farr

The hood is also a low-stress, comfortable life. All your mental energy goes into getting by, so you don’t have to ask yourself any of the big questions. Who am I? Who am I supposed to be? Am I doing enough? In the hood, you can be a forty-year-old man living in your mom’s house asking people for money and it’s not looked down on. You never feel like a failure in the hood, because someone’s always worse off than you, and you don’t feel like you need to do more, because the biggest success isn’t that much higher than you, either. It allows you to exist in a state of suspended animation. ― Trevor Noah

I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like silence, listening to silence.

Poverty can mean turning to everything from sex work to selling drugs in order to survive because you can’t “lean in” when you can’t earn a legal living wage and you still need to feed yourself and those who depend on you. . . . a choice between starvation and crime isn’t a choice

I’m from the hood. You put me in a rough neighborhood, and believe me; I’m OK. — Jessie Vargas

No blessed leisure for love or hope, But only time for grief.
My tears must stop, for every drop Hinders needle and thread. Work! work! work!

As I was coming up, it always seemed like I was learning. If it wasn’t from school, it was the ‘hood. The influences of the ‘hood are very powerful. – Junior Seau

You don’t know what I will be getting. I won’t be fucking no dopeheads. I let them suck my dick. Shit, they got AIDS and shit.

Perhaps the House had heard Harvey wishing for a full moon because when he and Wendell traipsed upstairs and looked out the landing window, there–hanging between the bare branches of the trees–was a moon as wide and as white as a dead man’s smile. ― Clive Barker

My books kept me from the ring, the dog pit, the tavern, and the saloon

Fight against hunger as hard as you fight for abortion rights or equal pay. Understand that this isn’t a problem that can be addressed later

Oh, Men, with Sisters dear!
Oh, Men, with Mothers and Wives! It is not linen you’re wearing out, But human creatures’ lives!

If you are walking through the hood and you notice the cracks in the sidewalk where all the weeds, pebbles, dirt, and grit settle in, that’s me. – Stephen Jackson

Stupid motherf*cker, don’t you know you can catch that shit from letting them suck on your d*ck?

For Halloween, I’ve gone trick-or-treating as Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Robin Hood. — Jonathan Groff

The hood was strangely comforting, but comfort can be dangerous. Comfort provides a floor but also a ceiling. ― Trevor Noah

Never go to France – unless you know the lingo, if you do like me, you will repent by jingo

I ain’t got no brother. Got no mother, either. She loved that fool more than she loved me.

Any system that makes basic human rights contingent on a narrow standard of behavior pits potential victims against each other and only benefits those who would prey on them.

Oh, God! that bread should be so dear, And flesh and blood are so cheap!

The modern Little Red Riding Hood reared on singing commercials, has no objection to being eaten by the wolf. – Marshall McLuhan

Nigga, what do you mean you ain’t skinny. Motherfucker is so skinny, he can hula hoop through a Cheerio. And you ain’t got to be skinny or sick, you can die five years from now from that shit.

Mt. Hood is still one of my favorites for its sun, warmth, and slushy, forgiving conditions. — Gretchen Bleiler

However this miraculous place worked, it seemed real enough. The sun was hot, the soda was cold, the sky was blue, and the grass was green. What more did he need to know? ― Clive Barker

Oh, God! that bread should be so dear! And flesh and blood are so cheap!

We must remember that every victim of sexual violence does not deserve it, did not invite it, and is not responsible for the culture that would blame the victim instead of the perpetrators

There were some that ran and some that leaped, Like troutlets in a pool.

Little Red Riding Hood was my first love. I felt that if I could have married Little Red Riding Hood, I should have known perfect bliss. – Charles Dickens

Y’all just trying to scare me… for real, can you really die from letting them suck on yo d*ck?

Who dis? What kind of way is that to answer the phone? Have you given any more thought to what we talked about?

Before I got signed to Bad Boy, I grew up listening to Snoop and Tupac, and my hood was all Tupac drove. — Mase

The tricky thing about the hood is that you’re always working, working, working, and you feel like something’s happening, but really nothing’s happening at all. ― Trevor Noah

Oh, if it is to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!

the patriarchy at large teaches the world to ignore marginalized women, who often have the most scathing critiques and the most cogent analysis of reality.

Ten thousand thousand dreadful eyes Were looking down in blame.
My head was like an ardent coal

Probably more than half my life, I’ve thought from a trap mindset, a hood mind frame in the way I was moving. Yo Gotti

As we say in the hood, I’m a stoop kid. — Michael K. Williams

Right. Lack of opportunities,” Daddy says. “Corporate America doesn’t bring jobs to our communities, and they damn sure ain’t quick to hire us. Then, shit, even if you do have a high school diploma, so many of the schools in our neighborhoods don’t prepare us well enough. ― Angie Thomas,

Some minds improve by travel, others, rather, resemble copper wire, or brass, which get narrower by going farther.

Despite white feminist narratives to the contrary, there is no absence of feminism inside Islam, the Black church, or any other community. The women inside those communities are doing the hard and necessary work; they don’t need white saviors, and they don’t need to structure their feminism to look like anyone else’s.

A dozen times I groaned: the dead had never groaned but twice!

Sometimes you almost have to laugh to keep from crying to deal with the pain associated with the ‘hood. – Gucci Mane

wipes his eyes and looks at Tre. Tre shakes his head] I’ve even knows how I feel about it, neither, man. It just goes on and on, you know. Next thing you know, somebody might try and smoke me. Don’t matter, doe. We all gotta go sometime, huh?

I stand out a little bit with my hair, so I make sure I wear a hood! — Leroy Sane

An end to my fear of being alone. An end to a soul’s solitude, when death at last arrives. There is something in that, something in there, that comforts. ― Steven Erikson

That a man be willing, when others are so too, as far forth as for peace and defense of himself he shall think it necessary, to lay down this right to all things; and be contented with so much liberty against other men, as he would allow other men against himself

Respectability requires a form of restrained, emotionally neutral politeness that is completely at odds with any concept of normal human emotions

I’m still so down-to-earth and regular. I will still be in the projects, I will still be in the hood – just regular. Tierra Whack

I like to mix the street look with classy and sexy. I call it ’hood chic.’ — Justine Skye

The Knowledge Rule 2080: From maggots to men, the world is a corner bully. It better you knuckle up and go for yours than have to bow your head and tuck your chain. ― Ta-Nehisi Coates

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