90+ Problems Quotes for Overcoming Challenges

Are you looking for problems quotes? Feeling overwhelmed by life’s inevitable challenges? You’re not alone.

Our collection of powerful quotes about problems offers a fresh perspective and words of encouragement.

Open and honest communication is what a relationship needs to develop and flourish.

You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there

If someone’s ungrateful and you tell him he’s ungrateful, okay, you’ve called him a name. You haven’t solved anything.

Every problem is a gift – without problems, we would not grow.

Money problems can always be solved by a man not frightened by them.

Problems Quotes

There’s no use talking about the problem unless you talk about the solution. — Betty Williams

Never associate with idiots on their level, because, being an intelligent man, you’ll try to deal with them on their level – and on their level they’ll beat you every time. ~ Jean Cocteau

Anger is natural; it is how you manage it that is what counts and mismanaged anger is what causes problems, is highly unproductive, and is not healthy, either for you or for those around you.

To solve any problem, here are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, who could I ask? ~ Jim Rohn

The worst feeling is to be ignored once, then twice, then again and again by someone you consider precious. – Betsy Kenton

Problems are only opportunities in work clothes

If your mind is truly, profoundly stuck, then you may be much better off than when it was loaded with ideas.

Be thankful for problems. If they were less difficult, someone with less ability might have your job. ~ Jim Lovell

If you see the problem as an opportunity, or if you see the challenge as your call to action, it is amazing how your mind will work to create solutions because your attitude changes to one that will find creative ways to solve the issue at hand

Every problem has a solution; it may sometimes just need another perspective. ― Katherine Russell

People say that you’re going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own. ~ Angelina Jolie

The best way to escape from your problems is to solve them.

The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known for a long.

Let God into Your daily routine and help you solve your problems Ben Lance

Do it, fix it, try it,” is our favorite axiom. Karl Weick adds that “chaotic” action is preferable to orderly inaction.” . . . ; The most important and visible outcropping of the action bias in the excellent companies is their willingness to try things out, to experiment.

Yet it is in this whole process of meeting and solving problems that life has its meaning. Problems are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure. Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our courage and our wisdom.

There’s no such thing as running away from the problem. They’re very patient and will wait a lifetime for you. ~ Darnell Lamont Walker

Narrow your life down to this moment. Your life situation may be full of problems – most life situations are – but find out if you have a problem at this moment. Do you have a problem now?

I don’t want to be a genius-I have enough problems just trying to be a man

A lovers’ quarrel is always about every quarrel you ever had. – Robert Brault

Uncertainty can lead to paralysis. And if you become indecisive you’re dead..

It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually. When we desire to encourage the growth of the human spirit, we challenge and encourage the human capacity to solve problems, just as in school we deliberately set problems for our children to solve. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that we learn

If each one of us could find a way to give back to the world, we would solve many of the problems that we face. Why not be the change you want to see?

It’s so much easier to suggest solutions when you don’t know too much about the problem. ― Malcolm Forbes

If you read, you can learn to think for yourself. ~ Doris Lessing

Knowing your mind is the solution to all our problems.

Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them

A lack of trust is the root cause of the failure of most of the relationships.

I never decide whether it’s time to retire during training camp.

We must accept responsibility for a problem before we can solve it. We cannot solve a problem by saying ‘It’s not my problem.’ We cannot solve a problem by hoping that someone else will solve it for us. I can solve a problem only when I say ‘ This is my problem and it’s up to me to solve it.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~ Pablo Picasso

Another habit that we must have, is to not just give step-by-step advice, but allow the facilitation of freedom for those that we are inspiring to figure problems out on their own, with our guidance.

The important thing about a problem is not the solution, but the strength we gain in finding a solution. ― Seneca

Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. ~ Roger Lewin

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.

It turned out this man worked for the Dalai Lama. And she said gently that they believe when a lot of things start going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born that this something needs for you to be distracted so that it can be born as perfectly as possible

Assumptions are the termites of relationships. – Henry Winkler

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were when we created them.

Leaps of greatness require the combined problem-solving ability of people who trust each other.

I’d say it’s been my biggest problem all my life… it’s money. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true. ~ Walt Disney

The problem of life is to change worry into thinking and anxiety into creative action.

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. ~ Brendan Francis

Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting

The key is this: Meet today’s problems with today’s strength. Don’t start tackling tomorrow’s problems until tomorrow. You do not have tomorrow’s strength yet. You simply have enough for today.

A relationship without trust is like a country without a head of state

It is not stress that kills us. It is an effective adaptation to stress that allows us to live

If we allow more people to solve problems without permission, and if we tolerate (and don’t vilify) their mistakes, then we enable a much larger set of problems to be addressed. When a random problem pops up in this scenario, it causes no panic, because the threat of failure has been defanged.

It doesn’t matter how strong your opinions are. If you don’t use your power for positive change, you are, indeed, part of the problem. ~ Coretta Scott King

We must remember that the shortest distance between our problems and their solutions is the distance between our knees and the floor.

Every problem has a solution, although it may not be the outcome that was originally hoped for or expected. — Alice Hoffman

Take responsibility for what you think and what you do. ~ Terence McKenna

The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.

Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution.

Per aspera ad astra, Papa,’ I whispered. Through hardship to the stars.

Over-controlling behavior stems from a place of deep insecurity and usually has very negative consequences on any relationship.

Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping-stones to greater experience…. When one door closes, another always opens; as a natural law it has, to balance

When I asked Herr Wedekind, the baker, why he had believed in National Socialism, he said, ‘Because it promised to solve the unemployment problem. And it did. But I never imagined what it would lead to. Nobody did.’ I thought I had struck pay dirt, and I said, ‘What do you mean, ‘what it would lead to,’ Herr Wedekind?’ ‘War,’ he said. ‘Nobody ever imagined it would lead to war.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. ~ Bertrand Russell

The problem for most people who want to be successful is not that they can’t achieve success. The main obstacle for them is that they misunderstand success.

Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will. — Norman Vincent Peale

Think for yourselves for a change. You’ve been pedlars: go and be merchants. You’ve been mercenaries: go and find something of your own to defend. ~ Dorothy Dunnett

I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.

Every relationship has its problems but what makes it perfect is when you still want to be there when everything goes wrong. – Ritu Ghatourey

The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions

It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually. ~ M. Scott Peck

When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.

To solve a problem or to reach a goal, you don’t need to know all the answers in advance. But you must have a clear idea of the problem or the goal you want to reach.

Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles. — Tina Fey

There is no magic wand that can solve our problems. The solution rests with our work and discipline.

Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems. Some people pray to be able to confront and overcome them.

Falling in love is not the hardest part. It is keeping it afloat through all the turbulent storms of life

Unlike top management at Enron, exemplary leaders reward dissent. They encourage it. They understand that, whatever momentary discomfort they experience as a result of being told they might be wrong, it is more than offset by the fact that the information will help them make better decisions.

Every outcome has its cause, and every predicament has its solution

The problem with the heart is how it can have so many opposite feelings coursing through it all at the same time. It’s an inconsistent thing- appreciating something one minute and hating it the next. ~ Joan Bauer

We can let our problems depress us, or we can accept life’s challenges and deal with them as they occur. We can turn our focus to looking for the positive in the problem, and, there is a positive to every problem, sometimes you just have to stop and look for it.

The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer. ― Terence McKenna

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. ~ Mark Twain

Believe me, every problem has a solution. Some just take longer to figure out

Never cry because you have mountains of problems in your hands to solve. Always smile because each problem will someday be resolved.

All relationships have problems. Your ability to overcome them defines your relationship strength.

Is your cucumber bitter? Throw it away. Are there briars in your path? Turn aside. That is enough. Do not go on and say, ‘Why were things of this sort ever brought into the world?

See obstacles as opportunities, Reinhold. See obstacles as inspirations.

The problem is not yours – it is your mind’s only. Begin by disassociating yourself from your mind. Resolutely remind yourself that you are not the mind and that its problems are not yours. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Fortunately, the Word of God does not just spotlight problems – which it must do – it also offers us amazing solutions.

If your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail. — Abraham Maslow

Problems are only opportunities in work clothes. ~ Henri Kaiser

Life is good when you forget about your problems, even if it’s just for a little while

Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system.

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