90+ Best Grandma Quotes: the Joys of Grandmotherhood

Are you looking for Grandma Quotes? Celebrate the timeless wisdom, warmth, and love that grandmothers bring to our lives with our heartfelt collection of Grandma Quotes. Perfect for expressing gratitude, admiration, or simply cherishing the memories shared with a beloved grandma, these quotes capture the unique essence of the grandparent-grandchild bond.

As I learned growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother. – Prince William

When love looks into the rubble of heartbreak he sees his skookum standing there and he thinks about how she made old worlds feel livable again and about how those who died already never forget what it is to become and unbecome a body.

My grandmother always used to say, ‘If you know your past and you know where you have to go, why do you rehearse?’ I always remember this and it’s true. You have to start each day again—you can’t repeat what you did.– Marian Seldes

A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit of a teacher, and a little bit of a best friend. – Unknown

Grandmothers are voices of the past and role models of the present. Grandmothers open the doors to the future.

Grandma Quotes

Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins.– Joyce Allston

I want to love like my grandmother, who loved a woman like Joseph loved Mary. Someone so imperfect, so human, brave enough to love someone who already knows God. – R. YS Perez

We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence. Grandmother was that person to me.

Being a mother and grandmother is the best of the best in my life. My grandchildren multiply the joy my daughters bring me. – Alexandra Stoddard

At that moment, I was surrounded by the people who saw me for what I was, and who accepted me for what I was, even when I vacillated with self-doubt. Grand-mère would have been proud. I felt her spirit growing stronger inside of me every day. And then… a dragonfly flew over my head, circled, and landed on my shoulder.

She seems to have had the ability to stand firmly on the rock of her past while living completely and unregretfully in the present.– Madeline L’Engle

To all of the grandmothers who make the world more gentle, more tolerant, and safer for our children. Never doubt your importance. – Mary-Lou Rosengren

Uncles and aunts, and cousins, are all very well, and fathers and mothers are not to be despised; but a grandmother, at holiday time, is worth them all.– Fanny Fern

What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars worth of pleasure.

A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of television. – Unknown

My grandmother’s last act on earth was a call for forgiveness, love, and tolerance. – Sherman Alexie

There are grandmothers out there who would move heaven and earth for their grandchildren.

If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one. There is no fun for old people like it! – Hannah Whitall Smith

My grandma administering the Heimlich is at her most affectionate

Most grandmas have a touch of the scallywag.– Helen Thomson

In her letters and cards, Grandma writes her love in ink, but it’s etched in our hearts forever. – Anonymous

When it seems the world can’t understand, your grandmother’s there to hold your hand.

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting. – Unknown

Having a grandmother is like having an army. This is a grandchild’s ultimate privilege: knowing that someone is on your side, always, whatever the details. – Fredrik Backman

Cinnamon, I realized, is the flavor equivalent of being hugged by your grandmother.

Soon I will be an old, white-haired lady into whose lap someone places a baby, saying, “Smile, Grandma!” I, who myself so recently was photographed on my grandmother’s lap.– Liv Ullmann

I could do worse than become my grandma or anyone of the strong women who raised us. Our strengths emerged from theirs; we build on their heritage and transform their resilience and competence into our own. – Regina Barreca

A grandmother can’t understand that few people, and maybe none, will find her grandchild as endearing as she does.– Janet Lanese

If nothing is going well, call your grandmother. – Italian Proverb

A grandma is someone who plays a special part in all the treasured memories we hold within our hearts. – Unknown

Being an everyday grandmother has kept me young at heart, I know all the newest fads and fancies. I am way hipper than most of my friends.

If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.

If your baby is ‘beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time,’ you’re the grandma. – Teresa Bloomingdale

It was important for me to understand that I was only a very small part of her picture. She was a person before she was my grandmother, and that was something I had never precisely considered.

Every house needs a grandmother in it. – Louisa May Alcott

A grandma’s love is like a secret treasure, always there when you need it. – Anonymous

If grandma hadn’t existed, kids would have inevitably invented them. – Arthur Kornhaber

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. – Welsh Proverb

She wasn’t loud per se, but she filled a room. I knew she was there before I heard her, and I guess she filled more than the physical space. She filled my childhood.

… to this day, I continue the learning process to build upon the foundational lessons from my grandmother. I combine her teachings with the wisdom I glean from various sources.

Grandmothers and roses are much the same. Each is a God’s masterpiece with different names. – Unknown

No matter what, Grandma’s love never wavers. It’s as steady as the sunrise. – Anonymous

Parent-child relationships are complex. Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.

That’s my wee darling. That’s my wee Frankie before the devil twisted him into a monster.” She poked her finger into another hole where Frank’s face should have been. Her eyes glinted.

Every parent knows that children look at their grandparents as sources of wisdom and security.

Grandma serves kisses, counsel, and cookies daily. – Unknown

Grandmother. The true power behind the power.

Grandmother opens up a new world of change, challenge, and celebration in a woman’s life. – Rebecca Barlow Jordan

Grandma’s love is like an old book – its pages may be yellow, but the words remain timeless. – Anonymous

Grandmas don’t just say ‘That’s nice’ – they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of grandmas. – Unknown

A grandmother is a remarkable woman. She’s a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love. She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams, and praises our every success. – Unknown

A grandmother once said that children are the investments and grandchildren the dividends. – Selma Berg

My grandmother was the only grandmother I ever met who smoked cigars.

Do you know…what I think is a great pity? It is this: we have all become such skeptics that we hardly believe what our pious grandmothers told us.– Isak Dinesen

A grandma is someone dear in every way. Her smile is like the sunshine that brightens each new day. – Unknown

A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do.– Lois Wyse

It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace.

Beware! Authentic communication is not to be confused with Grandma’s unfiltered comments! – Vindy Teja

Being a grandmother provides you with an opportunity to help your grandchild gain a sense of who he or she is.

When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window. – Ogden Nash

Grandmother didn’t answer, not directly anyway, as most great masters do. They never say you can’t do this or no one can do that or that thing is impossible just because they couldn’t do it, or because they hadn’t found it yet. True masters answer differently. Wisely. Like her grandmother answered that day.

Most of us base our certainties about grandmotherhood on what our grans were like or our mums. So, if we don’t instantly feel we match up, it’s probably because we have a certain blueprint in our minds. – Flic Everett

Grandmothers are a gift not to be taken lightly. So many lose them before they are old enough to know their magic. – Nikita Gill

No matter how often we mess up, Grandma’s love forgives and forgets. – Anonymous

Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you’re just a mother. The next, you are all-wise and prehistoric

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween. – Erma Bombeck

There’s no place like home—except Grandma’s.

I grew up in a very musical household. There was music and dance. My great-grandma was a famous tap dancer in the ’40s, my mom was a dancer, and she met my dad on the road when he was on tour in the ’60s. Music is my heart and soul, it’s my love. – Taryn Manning

My grandma frequently refers to me as “bitch”. She always throws a little extra salt on the word too, for effect.

You do not understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. – Albert Einstein

A grandmother’s love is forever and always. – Unknown

She’s the queen of unconditional love, reigning over our hearts with kindness. – Anonymous

You’re never too old to be a mother again. – Unknown

For myself, one of the sweetest words I have ever heard is “Nana. – Zelda Rosenbaum

Children should never have baths,’ my grandmother said. ‘It’s a dangerous habit. I agree, Grandmamma.

Some moments can only be cured with a big squishy grandma hug. – Dan Pearce

It’s amazing how Grandma’s love has no conditions or expiration date; it just keeps on giving. – Anonymous

If God had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.

Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies. – Unknown

The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy. – Sam Levenson

A garden of love grows in a Grandmother’s heart.

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. – Alex Haley

Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. – Michael Pollan

Grandma is my name and spoiling is my game. – Unknown

Grandmotherhood initiated me into a world of play, where all things became fresh, alive, and honest again through my grandchildren’s eyes. Mostly, it taught me love.– Sue Monk Kidd

The best babysitters, of course, are the baby’s grandparents. You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida. – Dave Barry

Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.

I loved their home. Everything smelled older, worn but safe; the food aroma had baked itself into the furniture. – Susan Strasberg

And like that, I said goodbye to my grandmother like we were two people who met in a coffee shop, shared a lifetime of stories, and left wanting more, but knowing we’d meet there again.

I think I’m a fan of brave people, my aunt, and my grandmother, are my heroes. – George Eads

No distance can lessen a grandparent’s love. – Unknown

There is no other love that’s as special as the love of a grandma. / So warm and fuzzy, so calm and sweet, so cheerful and joyful. – Hopal Green

If you’re lucky enough to still have grandparents, visit them, cherish them, and celebrate them while you can.

If you think I’m being mean, it means I’m doing my job as your mom. If I was nice, you would call me grandma. – Unknown

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