60+ Best Up Movie Quotes And Sayings

Are you looking for up movie quotes? Our best collection of quotes from the animated movie, Up. These quotes the spirit of adventure, love, and the heartwarming journey of Carl and Russell. From humorous to heart-tugging sentiments, get into the world of Up through these quotes.

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I like you temporarily! — Dug

That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. – Russell

I’ll unleash all my Wilderness Explorer training. – Russell, eager to start their adventure

Adventure is out there! – Charles Muntz’s famous tagline

Paradise Falls is a land lost in time. I ripped this right out of a library book. I’m gonna move my clubhouse there and park it right next to the falls. Who knows what lives up there? And once I get there… favorite line from Dug is when he says, I like you temporarily! It’s a great example of his positive outlook on life, and it always makes one smile.

Imagine all the wonderful things that will never happen if you do not let them. – Ellie Fredricksen

Up Movie Quotes

Tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house – Carl

Charles Muntz, explorer. When I get big, I’m going where he’s going: South America. It’s like America, but south. – Young Ellie about Paradise Falls.

So long, boys! I’ll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!

Don’t you know this is an exclusive club? Only explorers get in here. Not just any kid off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles. Do you think you got what it takes? Well, do you? – Young Ellie when she first meets Carl Fredricksen, her future husband

That’s it! You can take us there in a blimp! Swear you’ll take us. Cross your heart! Cross it! Cross your heart – Ellie

Whenever you are feeling down, Think of Dug’s line, and it can immediately cheer you up. It’s a great reminder that even if things aren’t going well at the moment, they can always get better.

The wilderness isn’t quite what I expected… It’s wild! – Russell Carl

Russell, for assisting the elderly and for performing above and beyond the call of duty, I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow—The Ellie Badge. – Carl Fredricksen

Oh! Mr. Fredricksen! If we happen to get separated, use the wilderness explorer call: CA – CA! RAWRRR!

(Wearing a cone around his head, which hangs down) I do not like the cone of shame. — Dug

I do not like the cone of shame. — Dug

I am a great tracker. My pack sent me on a special mission, all by myself. Have you seen a bird? I am going to find one, and I am on the scent. I am a great tracker; did I mention that? – Dug

You know Carl, these people who come here, they all tell pretty good stories. A surveyor making a map, a botanist cataloging plants, an old man taking his house to Paradise Falls. And that’s the best one yet. I can’t wait to hear how it ends.

A Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all, be it a plant fish or a tiny mole! – Russell

Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, ‘I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.’ Ha! It is funny because the squirrel is dead! — Dug

See these? These are my Wilderness Explorer badges. You may notice one is missing. It’s my ‘assisting the elderly’ badge. If I get it, I will become a Senior Wilderness Explorer! — Russell

Hi, there! My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you. – Dug

I’ll meet you at the van in just a minute. I, uh, wanna say one last goodbye to the old place. – Carl Fredricksen parting with his wife’s memory

You will always be my greatest adventure. ~Carl Fredricksenup movie dialogues

I can’t do it – Russell before climbing a dangerous rope, proving that he can

We’re on our way, Ellie – Carl

Hey, that one looks like a turtle! Look at that one! That one looks like a dog! AAH!!! It is a dog! — Russell

One of the things that Russell says in the movie really resonates. He’s talking about his Wilderness Explorer badges, and he says, See these?

Russell: You came back for Kevin. Let’s go get her. Carl Fredricksen: I’ll get her. You stay here. Russell: But I wanna help.

I found the snipe, and I followed it under your porch, but this snipe had a long tail and looked more like a large mouse. – Dug

You, in the suit… yes, you! Take a bath, hippie!

Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one! Love, Ellie. ~Ellie Fredricksen

There it is. Ellie, it’s so beautiful – Carl

(To Carl) You don’t talk much… I like you! — Young Ellie

Dug: I was hiding under your porch because I love you. Can I stay? Carl Fredricksen: Can you stay? Well, you’re my dog, aren’t you?

I am here with the bird, and I will bring it back, and then you will like me. Oh, gotta go. – Dug about Kevin

Soon enough, the bird will be ours yet again. Find the scent, my compadres, and you too shall have many rewards from Master for the toil factor you wage.

The wilderness must be explored! CA, CA! RAWRR. – Russell showing off his call sign as a Wilderness Explorer scout

My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you – Dug

This is crazy. I finally meet my childhood hero and he’s trying to kill us. What a joke. — Carl

My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master, and he made me this collar so that I may speak. Squirrel! – Dug

True love is hard to find. When you find it, take good care of it while you still have time. ~Carl Fredricksen

I am nobody’s master, got it? I don’t want you here, and I don’t want you here. I’m stuck with you. If you two don’t clear out of here when I count to three… – Carl

Carl: Tell your boss he can have my house.

One of the highlights of the film is when Carl and Russell meet Dug, a talking dog who has been fitted with a collar that allows him to speak.

But he promised he’d come to my Explorer ceremony to pin on my Assisting the Elderly badge. – Russell about his father

You don’t talk much. I like you! ~Ellie Fredricksen

You and me, we are in a club now. I saw where your balloon went. Come on, let’s go get it. – Ellie to Carl Fredricksen right before they set off on their greatest adventure together (marriage)

We have to protect him – Russell

You poured prune juice into his gas tank. — Construction Foreman Tom

Good afternoon. My name is Russell, and I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweatlodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?

Thanks for the adventure—now go have a new one! – Ellie in her final message to her husband

The bird is calling to her babies – Dug

Carl: Look, why don’t we play a game I know? Whoever is quietest for the longest time wins.

Goggles. Look at this stuff. Wow! You’re going on a trip? — Russell

Carl Fredricksen: So you want to assist an old person?

In case you need a little reminder, here are a few movie quotes from Up that prove true love is real:

Her babies need her. We gotta make sure they’re together – Russell

I promise to capture the beast alive. And I will not come back until I do! — Charles Muntz

Sorry, Russell. We’ve lost enough time already – Carl

You’d better get up, Russell. Or else, the tigers will come and eat you. — Carl

Russell: Good afternoon. Are you in need of assistance today, sir?Carl Fredricksen: No.Russell: I can help you cross the street. I can help you cross your porch.

You know, most people take a plane, but you’re smart because you’ll have all your TV and clocks and stuff. – Russell

Don’t worry, Kevin. We’re on our way. ~Carl Fredricksen

I’m Carl Fredricksen. My wife and I, were your biggest fans – Carl

Carl Fredricksen: You’d better get up, Russell. Or else, the tigers will come and eat you.

Oh, you’re not leaving – Charles Muntz

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