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Everything Is Fine When You Have Bullet Brake Line

There are two types of people in this world one who rides bullets and the one who wishes he could ride bullets.

I was born in a middle-class family but My Enfield made me royal

When in doubt. Dug- Dug is out.

No road is too long when you have a Royal Enfield with you.

Royal Enfield Quotes

Made like a gun, it goes like a bullet.

Don’t Worry For The Street Canine, Trust Royal Enfield Brake Line

Boys ride toys, Men ride ENFIELD.

When stressed out, take your Royal Enfield for a spin.

My bullet us babe. My bullet is a drug. My bullet in my life.

Life is too short to drive plastic bikes.

Work Hard with Silence Let Your “Bullet” Make all the Noise

Easy To Drive Even In Moonshine, Of Course, I Have Bullet Brake Line

Enfield doesn’t leak oil they mark their territory.

Royal Enfield is not about speed, it’s all about the ride

Always with you, till the end of the road and beyond.

Don’t Just Own A Ride, Deserve It

Kids ride toys, Boys ride KTM, Legend ride ENFIELD.

Indian Or American, No Question On Bullet Engine

Everyone gives way to the bullet.

The Next Best Thing Between A Man’s Legs – Royal Enfield

The attitude you got after sitting on Enfield makes you royal.

It’s Not Just A Engine, It’s Heart Of Rider.

Enfield doesn’t leak oil they mark their territory.

Want To Win an Election, Do Campaigning, And Trust The Royal Enfield Engine?

I don’t drink & take drugs, because my bullet is enough for me.

It’s Not Just A Engine, It’s Heart Of Rider.

The bullet doesn’t need a horn it’s Dugg-Dugg is enough.

A Bike On The Road Is Worth Two In The Sheds.

Only Royal people ride Enfield that’s why it is Royal Enfield.

Look At Other Motorbike Breed; Best Is Bullet Royal Enfield Speed.

Traveling in a car is like watching a movie but riding a bullet is like starring in it.

My life is like a speeding bullet that just hasn’t hit the target yet.

You Ride 220Cc Plastic? Enfield Starts From 350Cc.

Girls don’t marry boys who have royal Enfield because boys love their bikes more than them.

Mind it, bullets are made of metal, and the rest is recycled plastics.

Why Do People Take Weed? Instead, Enjoy Royal Enfield Speed.

The next best thing between a man’s legs – is Royal Enfield.

No hours of life are wasted when it’s spent on Royal Enfield Classic

Royal Enfield is not about speed, it’s all about the ride.

Four Wheels Rides The Body, Two Wheels Move The Soul.

Not every girl wants “scooty” some of them want “Royal Enfield” & I will find her one Day

Every Biker Has A Need, Yes They Want To Drive Bullet Royal Enfield With Speed

There is only one thing bigger than the bullet, The pride of owning one

You don’t need plans when you own a Royal Enfield

When your Enfield gets dirty, you are on the right path.

Work Hard In Silence, Let You Bullet Make All The Noise.

My bike is my shield and it’s my Royal Enfield.

Have You Heard Of Poison Milkweed, No Need, I Drive Bullet Royal Enfield With Speed

When the thump becomes your heartbeat, only then do you know what it is like to ride a Bullet

Never ask a man his wage and his Royal Enfield mileage

As the manufacturer says, it was made like a gun.

Love Is When You Like Someone As Much As Your Bike.

Every “Dugg Dugg” of my Bullet makes me Royal.

Sweet Is Beer Mead, Riders Enjoy Ride On Bullet Royal Enfield With Speed

Why I Ride A Bullet Because Baseball, Cricket & Tennis Only Require One Ball

In a forest full of superbikes. Enfields are the mighty elephants.

If You Are Not A Bullet Love, We Are Really Not Interested.

Not Only For Boys, but Royal Enfield Is also Crush For Many Girls Too.

Drink Of Heros And Kings Is Beer Mead, Super Drive Royal Enfield With Speed.

Only Two Types Of Souls Exists In This World -One With Royal Enfield, and the Other -I do not know.

This machine deserves a salute,

Don’t marry a guy who has Royal Enfield.

My Girlfriend Told Me to settle on Her Or My Bullet. I Miss Her Sometimes.

There Is Only One Thing Bigger Than The Bullet, The Pride Of Owning One!

Girls In The Road Bloom, When They See Me Bullet Vroom

To kill your enemies you don’t need a Bullet, You just need a Royal Enfield Bullet

There is only a 3-speed mode – Fast, very fast and ride

Royal men ride Royal wheels.

Every Girl Has A Dream To Ride A Royal Enfield, At least Once In Her Lifetime.

It’s Valentine’s Day In a Few Days, and I’m wondering What to shop for For My Bullet This Year.

Lenses Get Zoom, All They wanna See Is Royal Enfield Vroom.

When my Bullet does this “Dugg Dugg !!”. Girls Says Arey “Rukk Rukk

Even If You Are Living In A Hut, Aim For Bullet

It’s the only machine that remains young forever.

For Some There’s Therapy, For the remainder of folks, There’s Royal Enfield.

I Don’t Ride A Bike To Add Days To My Life. I Ride A Bike To Add Life To My Days

Fight With Victims Of The Flood, I Am Royal Enfield Stud.

Only those who can understand the price of a bullet, those who don’t understand the price of Petrol.

My Favorite Music! Dug! Dug! Dug! Dug! Dug! Dug

Attitude initiates with a hard kick.

Even After You Own A Royal Enfield, The Next Bike You Want To Own Is Another Royal Enfield.

Off-Road Biking Is All About Mud, Ofcourse I Am Bullet Stud.

If you can’t feel the “Dugg Dugg” of Bullet then you will never own a Royal Enfield.

If You Don’t Ride In The Rain, You Don’t Ride.

Some call it bike. I call it the love of my life.

Royal Enfield, a motorcycle breed that is made to last.

If you have Royal Enfield then you don’t need a Girlfriend.

Where Guys Are Busy These Day Checking Out The Butt Of Ladies, There Are Some Aspiring Guys Like Me Checking The Butts Of Royal Enfield’s.

Always Stop When Sees Blood, I Am Soft Hearted Bullet Stud

Royal Enfield, I think the name is enough

Treat your Enfield like a queen and she will take its own responsibilities.

The girlfriend must be HOT, Beer Must be chilled and Bike must be a Royal Enfield.

I Say Very Bluntly. I Am Very Mature; I Ride Bullet Without Stunt

No matter how many performances, and plastic launches every year, No one can match the prestige Of ROYAL ENFIELD.

The Cap of the cap is Lampion, bike of the bike is bullet champion.

The Dug-Dug sounds way better than the blown whistle sound of your sports bike.

I don’t know about others but real men drive Bullet.

I Do Whatever In Front, I Do Ride Royal Enfield With Stunt

I Don’t Care About Tax Hike; I Am Royal With My Royal Enfield Bike

Boys these days are – Yearning for a girlfriend, But I am busy loving My Royal Enfield

Your attitude determines your direction.

This heavy metal machine is damn better than your plastic shit.

You can’t buy happiness but when you buy a Royal Enfield, it is one that replaces happiness…

Let’s Have Faceoff And Chasing, Drive Hard, And Do Bullet Racing

In a forest full of superbikes!! Enfields are the Mighty Elephants

Not Allowed For Minors, Exceptions For Bullet Bikers

You weren’t born to pay bills and just die.

Some of the best friends are made on Royal Enfields.

And sometimes it is not about the speed. Riding slowly but with pride, this is how our Royal Enfields are…..

It’s About Training. I Love Bike Gaming

The raw sweat dripping over you, The bare road hitting on you. The true spirit of a Ride is through the Storm beating the shit out of you. Love is Royal Enfield; Rest are all Cornfield

Wind therapy keeps me going.

In a world full of trends I’ll remain a classic.

Oh boy, please grow up first to handle this machine.

Bike Gaming Is All About Aiming

In Finance Its Yield, For Me Only Royal Enfield

You can’t lose what you are meant to have.

I love the way she moves – Dug Dug Dug.

In Scotland mountain Grampian, in motorcycle royal Enfield champion

It’s quite necessary to use the Royal Enfield Accessory.

What you go through grows you.

I value my Royal Enfield more than your life. So, don’t dare to mess with it

My Royal Enfield Is My Passion And Meditation.

Competitors Wear Diapers, Here Comes A Bullet Biker

No matter how dark the path, I shall be your light for eternity.

Enfield is more loyal than a girl

I Love My Haircut As Spike, As My Royal Enfield Bike.

Popcorns Get Spilled When Road Crosses Royal Enfield.

Karma has everyone’s addresses even if you’re homeless.

The king of the field, Royal Enfield.

For Scientists, Nasa, Isro, Its Gravitational Field, For Me It’s Only Royal Enfield.

May away, Royal Enfield is on its way.

The rider isn’t a tag, it’s a lifestyle.

You just can’t ignore a Royal Enfield.

A Rare Name Is Ike, Just Like My Bike.

Bullet: a soulmate.

Some call it an adventure. I call it my way of life.

No matter if my Bullet is clean or dirty. I love it to wash it every day.

If Petrol Price Doesn’t Mean Anything For You, Then A Bullet Is Waiting For You.

Don’t Eat Nut, When Driving Bullet.

A calm sea never made a skilled sailor.

Thieves Should Be Grilled; Terrorists Should Be Killed, Bikes Should Only Be Royal Enfield.

You Might Be Badass But Not As Much As Someone Who Rides A Royal Enfield.

No road is too long when you have good company.

Bullet Is The Only Reason To Party every day.

No one can match the prestige of Royal Enfield.

Look like a beauty. Ride like a beast

A Rare One In One Lakh Surname Is Dike, As My Royal Enfield Bike

The Love is Royal Enfield, And Rest are all Cornfield

Nothing’s compared to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Drink Water Distilled, Beer Chilled, And Drive Royal Enfield.

The true spirit of a Ride is through the Storm beating the shit out of you

Some motorcycles refuge to age.

Scary road scenery place perching of bird music with the high volume you and your ROYAL ENFIELD+ headphones no tension best part of life it’s only and only you

Underestimate no one, especially yourself and your bike.

Not everyone can ride Royal Enfield u needs that much royalty to handle this royal thing.

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Forget about dates, the Sound of your Royal Enfield is enough to fasten my heartbeat.

Sometimes, you just have to leave the maps behind.

Gravitation is not responsible for falling in love with this fantastic riding machine.

No plans. No maps. No GPS. No rules.

Always remember, life is too short to worry about the fuel economy of a Royal Enfield

The hungrier you are the faster you run.

Royal Enfield, a machine that converted trips into enlightenment.

Those trying to bring you down are already below you.

Royal Enfield’s blood is rare & different.

You only rise after you fall.

Royal Enfield is an emotion and Duke, Pulsar, Apache, and KTM are just words.

There’s no better way to free up your mind.

I know a lot about motorcycles and pretty much no one can beat the Royal Enfield Standard.

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