80+ Best Rain Quotes to Uplift Your Mood

Are you looking for rain quotes? Dip yourself in the beauty and emotion of rainfall with our best collection of rain quotes.

Explore a world of poetic expressions that the essence of rain’s calming presence, from gentle drizzles to powerful downpours.

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. – Langston Hughes.

Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for sunshine.

It’s also called ‘sunny rain,’ ‘personal rain,’ or ‘heaven’s tears’ as rain without clouds looks like tears.

I love the rain. It’s my favorite weather. – Kristen Wiig

The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.

The sun after the rain is much more beautiful than the sun before the rain. – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Rain Quotes

Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards. – Vladimir Nabokov.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

After the rain, the sun will reappear. There is life. After the pain, the joy will still be here

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.

Because rain will wash away everything if you let it. – Sarah Kay

The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.

Tears of joy are like the summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams – Hosea Ballou

I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.

Nana always said the rain was nature’s way of adding sparkle to the outdoors. – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfillment of its nature, which was to fall and fall

The rain is falling all around, it falls on fields and trees, and it rains on the umbrellas here, and on the ships at sea. – Robert Louis Stevenson

During this short voyage, I saw the lightning playing on the summit of Mont Blanc in the most beautiful figures. The storm appeared to approach rapidly, and, on landing, I ascended a low hill, so that I might observe its progress. It advanced; the heavens were clouded, and I soon felt the rain coming slowly in large drops, but its violence quickly increased.

Soul mate and rain are the perfect combination. – Amrapali Gupta

The rain to the wind said, You push and I’ll pelt.’ They so smote the garden bed That the flowers knelt, And lay lodged–though not dead. I know how the flowers felt.

Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life, some rain must fall. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A little rain each day will fill the rivers to overflowing. -Liberian Proverb

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

From where we stand the rain seems random. If we could stand somewhere else, we would see its order. – Tony Hillerman

Changed, I headed back through the mud. I was drenched; anybody could see it was time to come in out of the rain.

A rainy day is a special gift to readers. – Amy Miles

Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest. – Epicurus

I like it when it rains hard. It sounds like white noise everywhere, which is like silence but not empty. – Mark Haddon.

It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain.

With new hope. We build new lives. Why complain when it rains? This is what it means to be free. -Lawson Fusao Inada

He looked up at the skies, and although they were still very dark he thought the day had probably had enough rain

I like people who smile when it’s raining. – Anonymous

I love rain. It makes me feel like it’s not just me – that other people are feeling it too. – John Green

Colors shone with exceptional clarity in the rain. The ground was a deep black, the pine branches a brilliant green, and the people wrapped in yellow looked like special spirits that were allowed to wander over the earth on rainy mornings only.

Nothing reminds us of an awakening more than rain.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, and snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. – John Ruskin

As rain breaks through an ill-thatched house, passion will break through an unreflecting mind. As rain does not break through a well-thatched house, passion will not break through a well-reflecting mind.

The rain falls gently down and slowly fills my cup. This never would have happened, If raindrops all fell up. – Tom Batiuk

Poetry is just so emo.” he said. “Oh, the pain. The pain. It always rains. In my soul.

Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

There are many things I do for amusement, but for happiness, I like to gather up my memories and go for a walk in the rain. – Robert Breault.

Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger

The sky still appeared unable to make up its mind whether it wanted to rain or not. – J.K. Rowling

You pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it. – Denzel Washington

When in April the sweet showers fall And pierce the drought of March to the root, and all The veins are bathed in liquor of such power As brings about the engendering of the flower

On the fifth day, a Sunday, it rained very hard. I like it when it rains hard. It sounds like white noise everywhere, which is like silence but not empty.

In London, the weather would affect me negatively. I react strongly to light. If it is cloudy and raining, there are clouds and rain in my soul.

In March the soft rains continued, and each storm waited courteously until its predecessor sunk beneath the ground. – John Steinbeck

I would not, could not, in the rain. Not in the dark. Not on a train. Not in a car. Not in a tree. I do not like them, Sam, you see.

Only a select few can see the true beauty that lies behind what just might seem like a rainy day or a grey sky. – Jessica M. Laar

Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is to let it rain.

Like the sky opens after a rainy day we must open to ourselves. Learn to love yourself for who you are and open so the world can see you shine.

I don’t see the desert as barren at all; I see it as full and ripe. It doesn’t need to be flattered with rain. It certainly needs rain, but it does with what it has and creates amazing beauty. – Joy Harjo

Even when no thunder sounds And no rain falls, if you ask me, I will stay beside you.

Singing in the rain. I’m singing in the rain. And it’s such a glorious feeling.― David Levithan

Are the days of winter sunshine just as sad for you, too? When it is misty, in the evenings, and I am out walking by myself, it seems to me that the rain is falling through my heart and causing it to crumble into ruins.

Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.

Every time it rains, the soil counts every drop to know exactly how many times to thank God! – Mehmet Murat Ildan.

The storm starts when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in primeval wood, and the sound of the outer ocean on a beach. – Henry Beston

By the end of October the rain had come, falling heavily upon the six-inch layer of dust which had had its way for more than two months. At first, the rain had merely splotched the dust, which seemed to be rejoicing in its resiliency…but eventually the dust was forced to surrender to the mastery of the rain and it churned into a fine red mud that oozed between our toes and slopped against our ankles as we marched miserably to and from school

I love the smell of rain, and I love the sound of the ocean waves. – Amy Purdy

I went to bed and woke in the middle of the night thinking I heard someone cry, thinking I was weeping, and I felt my face and it was dry. Then I looked at the window and thought: Why, yes, it’s just the rain, the rain, always the rain, and turned over, sadder still, and fumbled about for my dripping sleep and tried to slip it back on.

The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling. – Lucretius

Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky.

If the rain spoils our picnic but saves a farmer’s crop, who are we to say it shouldn’t rain? – Tom Barrett.

A raindrop just splashed on my forehead and it was like a tear from heaven. Are the clouds and the skies weeping over me? Am I alone in the whole wide gray world?

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Suddenly this defeat. This rain. The blues gone gray And the browns gone gray And yellow A terrible amber. In the cold streets Your warm body. In whatever room Your warm body. Among all the people Your absence The people who are always Not you. I have been easy with trees Too long. Too familiar with mountains. Joy has been a habit. Now Suddenly This rain

It always rains in tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent

In what language does rain fall over tormented cities? – Pablo Neruda.

Water is sagacious because it carries inside of itself the bottomless profundity of oceans, the cosmic looks of the clouds, the subtle wits of the rivers, the inquisitive character of the rains, and the silent meditation of the little lakes! – Mehmet Murat Ildan

I’m erased. I’m gone. I’m nothing. And then the world is free to flow into me like water into an empty bowl . . .I see. I hear. But not with eyes and ears. I’m not outside my world anymore, and I’m not really inside it either. The thing is, there’s no difference between me and the universe. The boundary is gone. I am it and it is me. I am a stone, a cactus thorn. I am rain. I like that most of all, being rain.

Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain – Billie Holiday

Love like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots and keeping itself alive.

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