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Pulwama attack happened on 14 February 2019, when a convoy of vehicles carrying Indian security personnel on the Jammu–Srinagar National Highway was attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber at Lethapora in the Pulwama district of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Remember our troops who protect our country so we can live in peace! Their self-sacrifice and dedication are unfathomable in our world

“The enemy is only 50 yards from us. We are heavily outnumbered. We are under devastating fire. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to our last man and our last round”

Wrapped in tricolor, shiny metals stuck to the chest. A hero arrived home in a casket full of depth. Jai Hind!

Roses above the coffins are screaming angrily, tricolor around our soldier is weeping silently. Salute to all CRPF jawans of the Pulwama attack.

A suicide bomber attacked 40 CRPF jawans on February 14, 2019. In Pulwama, a suicide bomber vehicle assaulted a convoy of trucks conveying these soldiers. The suicide bomber and 40 jawans lost their lives instantly. The day was designated as India’s “Black Day,” and every year on this day, citizens pay respect to the soldiers who died in the 14th February 2019 Pulwama tragedy.

“Vo Din Tha Dil judne ka, Naa Jane Kitne Dil Tute The
Bharat Maa ki Raksha karne bale, Apni Maaon se shutte the
Aaj unki yaad mei fhir ro rha sara batan hai
Aise Veer Shaheed aur unki, Shahadat ko Sat Sat Naman Hai”

Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail.

Log gift de de kar na jaane kitne kaam karwa gaye Hamare dil ke raees fauji bina ummeed jaan luta gaye Salute to the martyrs. Jai Hind!

Kabhi jo kaam aa jaye toh use humse ummeed-e-khas hoti hai
Fauji hi hain jinhe jaan dekar bhi kabhi hamse ha koi aas hoti hai
Salute to the martyrs. Jai Hind!

‘Hum khoye the Apni Mohabbat mein
Bo Shaheed huye Humari Hifazat Mei’

“When you know the truth, the truth makes you a soldier”

Pulwama Attack Quotes

Watan ki mohabbat mein khud ko tapaye baithe hain Marenge watan ke liye, shart maut se lagaye baithe hain Salute to the martyrs. Jai Hind!

We pay our respects to the martyred soldiers on the third anniversary of the Pulwama tragedy.

Koi deta hai pyaar mein teddy, chocolate aur koi flower
Asli pyaar toh vo hai jisme karte hain fauji jaan nyochavar
Salute to the martyrs. Jai Hind!

‘Hum khoye the Apni Mohabbat mein
Bo Shaheed huye Humari Hifazat Mei’

Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.

Somewhere people were celebrating their Valentine’s Day with red roses. Miles away, the CRPF Jawans were battling for their Bharat Mata with red blood. Jai Hind!

Their self-sacrifice shall not be forgotten!Our warriors may have left the globe on that fateful day, but they will live on in the hearts of all Indians!While lovers exchanged red flowers, our troops gave their blood to their nation.

Valentine’s Day ki khushi mein ye mat bhool jaana ki is din pulwama attack mein humne bharat ke 44 shoorveer suputr khoye the.
Salute to the martyrs. Jai Hind!

‘Hai Prarthna ud din ke jaise, Koi aye na Gadi
Jab desh ke Viron ke liye, Har ankh thi bri,
Sachi Mohabbat hoti kaise, Jab Bta gaye bo
Kaise Bhool jaaun bo 14 February’

Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.

Maa se judi har ek chiz pasand thi use, lipat ke teerange me aaj wo ghar ko aaya. Jai Hind!

Hum sirf kehte hein apne valentine ke liye mar mitne ko, hamare veer javano ne desh ke lie sachmuch jaan de di. Jai Hind!

‘Fitoor apni Mohabbat ka kuch is trah dikhayenge
Hum Mohabbat ke din hi, Mohabbat par Mar Mit Jayenge’…Jai Hind

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it.

Watan se mohabbat vo iss kadar nibha gaye, Mohabaat ke din vo watan par jaan luta gaye. Jai Hind!

We pray for the troops who lost their lives in the service of the nation during the 14th February 2019 Pulwama incident with a heavy heart. May God bless them and keep them safe.

Saans atak gayi hai halak mein,
Vo aaj pal pal mar rahi hai.
Beta uska bhi tainaat hai Kashmir mein,
Vo aaj phone uthane se dar rahi hai.
Jai Hind!

Aaj bhi us Maa ki Nam Aankhein har dfa
Apne bete ka pta Puchti Hogi,
Tirange se Lipte uske badan ko dekh us
Khuda se apne bete ki Khata Puchti Hogi

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

Laashen kaha hain, kafan lapetne ke liye, chithade chug raha hoon, tirange mein sametane ke liye. Jai Hind!

The rain drops don’t have a voice but he is crying, the god is crying for his martyred son.
Jai Hind!

Although years have passed, the memories remain. The nation was stunned, but it drew strength from the 40 jawans who died in the Pulwama incident. They never perished; they live on in all Indians’ hearts

Hisaab leti zindagi ne pucha Fauji se
Chal bta tune kya kamaya hai
Fauji hans pda aur bole, Jo aur Zindagi
Naa Kma ski, bas bahi Kafan Tiranga kamaya hai

There’s no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war. Except it’s ending…

Aaj khamosiyan bhi bol padi, jab ek maa royi to fhizaaye bhi ro padi.
Jai Hind!

‘Aazadi ki kabhi shaam na hone denge
shaheedon ki kuwani badnaam na hone denge’

Death on the battlefield is welcome to a soldier.
Dushmano ko chun chun ke der kiya
Honsle sang liye badta rha
Jab kuch Goliyan seene mei daakhil hui
Baabjuud bo ladta rha

India wants to avoid a war at all costs but it is not a one-sided affair, you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

Keh kar jooth unhe baadon ka naam diya hai
thama kar hathiyaar haathon ko baand diya hai
Riyasi bediyaan naa khareed payoge humari shadat tum
Hindustan ka har sipahi, Tirange ke liye hi jeeta hai
Emotional Pulwama Attack Quotes

Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolor, or I will return wrapped in it. But I’ll be back for sure.

Kon kehta hai ki bete vida nahi hote, Bete jab vida hote hai
Toh Bharat Mata ka aanchal laal kar dete hai
Betiyon ki vidaai par pura Hindustan Rota hai
Shaheed ki Shahadat ko Naman

Sache Sainik apni akhiri saans tak ladte hai
Isiliye nahi ki be apne samne balon se nafrat karte hai
Balki isiliye kyuki be apne piche khade logon se pyar karte hai

Tufaano se lad kar ke
Vo parwat jaisa tan taa hai
barso ki mehnat lagti hai
Tab Ek Fauji Banta ha

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