90+ Heartfelt God Parents Quotes Showing Gratitude

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We are very grateful for the support and love you’ve shown us today. Thank you for making this day special. May God bless you more abundantly.

I want to thank you both for your commitment to our family. It is a comfort to have your love and support as we embark on this journey of parenthood. Our child could not be more fortunate to have you as godparents, and I am excited to travel this road together.

Godmothers are the protectors of souls.

We feel blessed to have been chosen to be Godparents. Thank you for this honor.

God Parents Quotes

A Godmother Is A Special Gift One That Provides That Strength

Thank you for being such an excellent example of what a godparent should be for our child. You are the best godmother we could have chosen. Our child is lucky to have your guidance in their life.

Our child is so lucky to have amazing Godparents like you. Thank you for taking the time to attend the baptism and bless our child.

I find myself smiling at how perfectly the term godparent fits you both. To say your addition to our family has been a godsend would be an understatement. Your devotion to my child has been a blessing and I am overcome with gratitude. Thank you for your support!

I wished for my fairy godmother, the good witch of the north.

We can’t tell you how special it feels to have been chosen as Godparents. We are so pleased!

Thank you for accepting the role of godparent to our child. We are so grateful that you will be a large presence in our son’s life. You are such a special person to our family.

Love Is Holding Your Godchild In Your Arm

It is such a big blessing to have you as our child’s Godparents. May God bless you as you love your new godchild.

Thank you, Godparents, for witnessing the baptism of our little one. We know you share in the love and joy that this celebration brought as much as we do. We are confident that you will continue to provide support, love, and guidance from this day forward.

I am so happy to have the honor of becoming your little baby’s Godparent. It’s a really special day for me

You are an inspiration and one of my best friends. I am so grateful that you accepted the responsibility of becoming a godparent to my son. Thank you, my friend

To The Best God Mother Ever Happy Birthday

Thank you for accepting to be our child’s Godparents. We know you’ll always be there for him when we’re not around. And we know you’ll help him grow stronger in faith.

Are you sure you want ME as a Godparent? Only joking! I’m so honored.

We will do all we can to never let you down as Godparents. It’s something we respect tremendously and will take very seriously

Thank you for being our child’s Godparents. We knew you were the ones we wanted to watch over our family. Our child will be lucky to have you as part of [his/her] life.

Godparents are like icing on the cake; they may not be essential, but they sure make life sweeter

I’m A Godmother That’s A Great Thing To Be

Our hearts are filled with gratitude because of your love and support. Thank you for sharing this special day with us. We feel very blessed that we have you as our child’s Godparents.

You both are an important part of our lives. As our family grows, it brings us comfort knowing you will be there to watch over our child. Thank you for being [insert name]’s Godparents.

A godmother is a gift sent from above. A guardian angel chose with love!

Your child’s spiritual guidance is our responsibility and we couldn’t be more honored. Thank you for making us his/her Godparents

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for our children. We thank god, and we choose you both to be our child’s godparents.

To My God Child Ill Take You Little Hand

Thank you for graciously saying yes to the role of Godparents to our son. We know that we can always count on you.

For some, it may be challenging to choose a set of Godparents. But for us, we knew we wanted it to be you two. Thank you for accepting this important role. Our children will be blessed to have you as a part of their lives.

Godmothers are magical beings sent from above to guide and love.

We are honored and delighted to be your child’s Godparents. We won’t let you down

I hope you both know the important part you will have in our children’s lives. We are so excited to see you on this special day.

What Is A Godparent A Godparent Is Chosen For The Love

My daughter is very blessed to have you two as her Godparents. We’re so excited for you to watch her grow up. She will surely love and appreciate you as much as we do.

We are delighted to have you witness the baptism of our little one and to be her spiritual guide, not only now, but well into adulthood. We also hope that you will become lifelong friends as you have always been to us.

A godmother is a little bit friend and a little bit parent. No matter what comes your way, they are always there for you.

To put your child’s spiritual guidance and guardianship in our hands is an absolute honor. We can assure you we will be there at every step to help

To our wonderful godparents, may god bless you and keep you safe. We are so thankful to be able to leave our daughter in your good hands.

Her Godmother Who Was A Fairy Said To Her You Want

What a shock and surprise. I had no idea you were going to ask me to be a Godparent. It’s an honor I am so pleased to accept

You are that special person in our child’s life. You give our son good advice when he comes to you, you teach by example. It’s a huge responsibility to be a godparent to our son. We are so grateful to you.

Only Best Friends Get Promoted To

A godmother is bound to you by love. It’s a devotion that never falters.

It is a gift from God to have you as our little one’s Godmother. Your support and love on this special day will always be remembered and cherished.

Having you as a Godmother to our little one is a special gift from God, Himself. Your support and love on this special day will be remembered and cherished always. We thank you for the guidance you will continue to provide our child down this spiritual path.

I am touched and honored to be a Godparent to __. Thank you

Thank you for being such a special gift in my child’s life, there are no words to express what a joy it is to see you with my son as his godfather. It’s tough being a single mom, so I cherish the time he spends with you. THANK YOU.

I Wish You Have A Wonderful Time On Your Day

We are very grateful to have you as our daughter’s Godmother. We’re excited to see you develop a strong and loving bond with her.

I can’t put into words how blessed I feel to be part of your child’s life like this. Being a Godparent is such a thrill and I can’t wait to get started

Thanks for the great advice, you are my favorite godmother in the whole wide world.

To My Godmother Take My Little Hand Hold It As I

Thank you because you have been such a great friend and Godmother to my baby. We love and appreciate you very much.

There comes a time in every child’s life when their parents just don’t get it. And it is at those times that the role of godmother is most important. Thank you for being the one my child will be able to rely on. It means the world to me.

A godmother always has love to give and time to spare. A godmother is always there.

We are touched you thought of us when deciding on Godparents. It is an honor and means the world to us

Thank you so much for celebrating the baptism of our daughter. Your support has meant a lot to us during our pregnancy and birth. Thanks again for being here on our special day.

Family Isn’t Always Blood It’s The People In Your

I know you’ll take great care of our daughter because you make such a good mom yourself. It’s such a great blessing to have you as my daughter’s Godmother.

You are the definition of caring and nurturing. We knew immediately we wanted you to be our child’s Godmother. Your love knows no bounds, and we are blessed that you have accepted this role. Thank you for being there for our family.

A bond with a godmother is special, that’s true. Their love shines through in all they do.

I find myself lost for words as to how shocked and excited I am at being asked to be a Godparent. Thank you for the trust you’ve shown me, I promise it will be repaid

We thought it was going to be more difficult to choose our godparents, but it was quite easy to pick you as a godparent.

Agod Daughter Is Very Special A Treasure Of My

You are such a special person in our lives. We know you’ll make an amazing Godmother.

What a relief it is that we have you to watch over our child. [Insert name] is going to be so fortunate to grow up knowing you and having you as a role model. Thank you for accepting the role of [his/her] Godmother. It means a lot to me.

A godmother will be there to steady you through life’s storms with a reassuring smile.

What an honor and what a privilege to be a Godparent. It’s a responsibility I won’t take lightly

We are so lucky you two have agreed to be godmother and godfather. Your love and support mean so much to us. Thank you for being such good friends.

To My Godmother Shannon Im Glad Ther’s

Thank you so much. We feel very proud and happy that you’ve accepted being a Godfather to our kid. We know you will do a great job giving them advice and guiding them.

Choosing a godfather is basically deciding which man in your life is closest to a superhero. For me, it wasn’t even a question. Of course, it’s you. Thank you for being the champion in my child’s corner.

A godmother is a precious gift from heaven. Her love is a guiding light in even the darkest times.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear when you asked me to be a Godparent. I am truly blessed to be thought of for such a position. Thank you so much

May god bless you both. We need you around for a long time, you have such an important role in our child’s life!

A Godmother Always Has Love To Give Time To

Our family is very happy to have you as my son’s Godfather. We know you’ll teach and inspire him to be the best person he can be.

A godmother is a special gift, one that provides the strength of family and the comfort of friendship.

There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child.

I have been trying to find the right words to tell you how lucky we feel that you both agreed to be godparents for our children. We hope you know how excited we are to have you as part of our family.

Keep Calm And Relax Im The Godmother

We know that our son is in good hands because he has an amazing Godfather to guide him. And we’re sure that he will grow to love and respect you.

There are few gifts in this world as magical as being a godmother.

That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite heartfelt messages you can send to your favorite godfather.

Even Miracles Take A Little Time

We know that you will be a wonderful Godfather protecting and guiding him every step of the way. We are so lucky to have you loving our child.

A father’s goodness is higher than the mountain, and a mother’s goodness is deeper than the sea.

I feel unbelievably proud to be a godparent. It’s a joy I can’t explain.

We are so proud to get the opportunity to be Godparents to your little boy. We hope he will benefit from our years of experience and wisdom

We are so grateful that you have agreed to be our child’s godparent. As parents, we really appreciate your support and guidance in raising our children. We just wanted to express our joy in having you around.

The children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

Being a godmother is a precious gift I didn’t expect, but I love it more than words can say.

If you could see the smiles on our faces after you asked us to be Godparents! Proud doesn’t do it justice. We are thrilled and can’t wait to help out whenever and in whatever way we can

As parents, it means everything to have someone step into becoming a godparent to a child. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. We are proud to have you as part of our village.

Note To Self Find Fairy Godmother

The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.

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