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How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.

When you do not know what to choose, show total involvement in everything.

Confusion is better than stupid conclusions. In confusion, there is still a possibility. In a stupid conclusion, there is no possibility.

Once your mind becomes still, your intelligence transcends human limitations.

Once you are clear about what you are doing and why other people’s opinions will not matter.

The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind.

Do everything like it is the last thing you do. There is nothing to hold back, nothing to save for later.

Sadhguru Quotes

The way people are living today, I would say, never do unto others what you do unto yourself.

Most of your desires are not really about yourself. You just picked them up from your social surroundings.

If you choose, you can be joyful every moment of your life. It’s time you made your choice.

Without knowing the sweetness of love and the overwhelming nature of the Divine, you are yet to touch life.

People call books holy, but they are yet to realize that life is holy.

Every human being is capable of living blissfully within himself.

Once your life is your expression of blissfulness, you will not conflict with anyone.

When you exist here only as a body and a mind, suffering is inevitable.

If you evolve within yourself, there will be no pride, no prejudice. You will act out of pure, absolute sense.

Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you.

If you want to have deep insights into life, other people’s opinions of you should not mean anything to you.

Happiness has always been an internal phenomenon. The source of your happiness is inside of you.

It’s pathetic that if someone has a physical issue, there is compassion, but if someone has a mental issue, there is ridicule.

Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.

Learning to listen is the essence of intelligent living.

Every thought that arises in the mind has its roots in data you have already accumulated.

Responsibility means being able to respond to whatever situation you may face in your life.

If you are alone and getting bored then you are obviously in bad company.

Don’t be dead serious about life. It is just a play.

It is time we choose quality over quantity in our lives, in every sense. Only then can we save the planet.

No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that makes it stressful.

If you are very happy, you will do many more things than if you are unhappy.

Life is at ease. Only the mind can be at tension.

If you want your relationship to work, constantly remind yourself that the other is more significant than you.

Negative energies can’t touch you if you are in a state of meditativeness.

Many people shy away from reality by gossiping.

People try to create an outwardly perfect life, but the quality of life is based on the inward.

Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combination, but they generally go together.

Seeking means admitting that you do not know. Once you have cleared your slate, the truth can imprint itself upon it.

You can feel what you want to feel within yourself. It is very easy.

If you live joyfully until the last moment, you do not have to worry about death – that will also be a joyful process.

Responsibility simply means your ability to respond.

Life and death are like inhalation and exhalation. They always exist together.

Don’t hold back your love, your joy, and your exuberance. Only what you give becomes your quality, not what you hold back.

I am not talking about you being a spectator… I am talking about involving yourself in life in such a way that you dissolve into it.

Till something becomes a reality in our lives, if we talk about it, it amounts to lying. The whole world is lying to themselves and everybody about God.

The mind remembers only certain things. The body remembers everything. The information it carries goes back to the beginning of existence.

Even if I am with a million people, I am always alone. I do not see people as people. I see them as myself.

A human being is like a seed. Either you can keep it as it is, or you can make it grow into a wonderful tree with flowers and fruits.

Whatever is your highest, you just contemplate upon that. Your inner and outer purity will happen naturally.

Most human beings live like a bird in a cage whose doors was blown away. Out of habit, too busy gold-plating the cage, they do not soar to the ultimate possibility.

Positive Thinking Sadhguru Quotes

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Any moment, it can flip the other way. One can become the other.

Nothing in life is a problem – everything is a possibility.

Religions of the world are not bout one man’s belief against another, but an opportunity for all humans to each to their common ultimate source.

I barely belong to this world, but still, I am participating.

When you are all-inclusive, your experience of your existence becomes beautiful, and that is why you are joyful.

You have too much social influence on you. You are not going by your nature.

Fear, anger, and stress are poisons you create. If you take charge, you can create a chemistry of blissfulness. Engineer yourself to inner well-being.

Gossip is a kind of misalignment with people around you. You can either gossip about everyone, or you can become one with everyone.

Unless you begin to see the hollowness of where you are right now, you will not begin to seek something else strongly.

You cannot play a game half-heartedly. A game is a life at full throttle. Are you game?

Now that your eyes are open, make the sun jealous with your burning passion to start the day. Make the sun jealous or stay in bed.

Being attached to someone is not about the other person. It is about your sense of inadequacy.

We think there is an ecological problem, but the real problem is the irresponsible growth of the human population.

It does not take much for a human being to live well. Only when you are trying to imitate someone else, it takes a lot.

Are you here to experience life or to think about it?

If every day you break one limitation, depending upon how many limitations you have, one day you will be liberated.

Life is far beyond meaning, Life is beyond meaning and that’s why it is so beautiful.

If all your energies are focused in one direction, enlightenment is not far away. After all, what you are seeking is already within you.

Your thoughts and emotions may keep you fully engaged right now, but they are just small offshoots of life – they are not life itself.

Time and physicality are directly related. Time exists in your experience only because of your physicality.

Unless you are oblivious to your suffering, you have no right to be oblivious to other people’s suffering.

The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought and every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body.

No matter what life throws at you – what you make out of it is up to you.

No two individuals are ever the same. You cannot equate people. You can only create equal opportunity.

There is too much talk about divine love, divine bliss, and divine peace. Love, bliss, and peace are all human qualities. Why export them to heaven?

When you live for everyone, everyone takes care of you.

One of the main reasons you become miserable is that instead of falling back into your joy, you are trying to pursue joy.

Devotion is when your involvement with life is so absolute that you do not matter anymore.

We always work according to the circumstances.

The important thing is not that people love you but that you are loving.

That which knows how to bend will not break.

I do not understand why people want to control their minds. I want them to liberate their minds.

People who have failed in their lives are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life, they are suffering their success.

If your energies go in search of a relationship, we call this yoga.

Too many people are hungry not because there is a dearth of food. It is because there is a dearth of love and care in human hearts.

The cosmos is a complex amalgamation of sounds. One of the critical sounds through which you can experience the cosmic nature of creation is Shambho.

Money is needed, but how much money do we need? If we would change our idea of a successful life to a joyful life, we would find our need for money would dramatically decrease.

If it is conditional, it is not love.

On one level, life is effervescent and active. On another level, it is still. The inner stillness nourishes the outer activity.

If you are intelligent, the more deeply you look at life, the more you will fall into illusion. And this is a good thing.

It’s easier to love God because it’s always easy to love somebody who is not here now, it’s so easy. But if you have to love somebody who is sitting next to you right now, it costs life.

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