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Al- Faatiha

In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful.

ALL PRAISE BE to Allah, Lord of all the worlds, Most beneficent, ever-merciful, King of the Day of Judgement.

You alone we worship, and to You alone turn for help.

Guide us (O Lord) to the path that is straight,

The path of those You have blessed, Not of those who have earned Your anger, nor those who have gone astray.

Quran Quotes

Al- Baqara

They have found the guidance of their Lord and will be successful.

This is The Book free of doubt and involution, a guide for those who preserve themselves from evil and follow the straight path,

Who believe in the Unknown and fulfil their devotional obligations, and spend in charity of what We have given them;

As for those who deny it, it is all the same if you warn them or not, they will not believe it.

God has sealed their hearts and ears and veiled their eyes. For them is great deprivation.


God: there is no god but He, the living, eternal, self-subsisting, ever-sustaining.

He has verily revealed to you this Book, in truth and confirmation of the Books revealed before, as indeed He had revealed the Torah and the Gospel

Before this as guidance for men, and has sent the criterion (of falsehood and truth). As for those who deny the signs of God, the punishment is severe; for God is all-powerful and great in His requital.

There is nothing in the earth and the heavens that are hidden from God.

He shapes you in the womb of the mother as He wills. There is no god but He, the all-mighty and all-wise.

He has sent down this Book which contains some verses that are categorical and basic to the Book, and others allegorical. But those who are twisted of mind look for verses metaphorical, seeking deviation and giving to them interpretations of their own; but none knows their meaning except God; and those who are steeped in knowledge affirm: \We believe in them as all of them are from the Lord.\ But only those who have wisdom understand.

\Let us not go astray, O Lord, having guided us already. Bestow on us Your blessings for You are benevolent.

You will gather mankind together, O Lord, on a day that is certain to come, and God does not fail in His promise.


O MEN, FEAR your Lord who created you from a single cell, and from it created its mate, and from the two of them dispersed men and women (male and female) in multitudes. So fear God in whose name you ask of one another (the bond of) relationships. God surely keeps watching over you.

Give to the orphans their possessions, and do not replace things of your own which are bad with things which are good among theirs, and do not intermix their goods with your own and make use of them, for this is a grievous crime.

If you fear you cannot be equitable to orphan girls (in your charge, or misuse their persons), then marry women who are lawful for you, two, three, or four; but if you fear you cannot treat so many with equity, marry only one, or a maid or captive. This is better than being iniquitous.

Give to women their dowers willingly, but if they forego part of it themselves, then use it to your advantage.

Do not entrust (their) property God has given you to maintain (On trust), to those who are immature; but feed them and clothe them from it, and speak to them with kindness.

And test (and try) the orphans until they are of marriageable age. If you find they have acquired sound judgement, then hand over their property to them; but devour not their wealth, nor use it up hastily out of fear that soon they will grow up (and demand it). And (the guardian) who is rich should abstain from spending much (of their wealth), and he who is poor should use only as much as is fair. And when you give back their possessions have this witnessed, (and remember) that God is sufficient to take all account.

Men have a share in what the parents and relatives leave behind at death, and women have a share in what the parents and relatives leave behind. Be it large or small a legal share is fixed.

And when the relatives and orphans and the needy collect at the time of the division (of property) provide for them too and talk kindly to them.

Let people fear the day when they leave small children behind them unprovided, and how concerned they would be for them. So fear God and say the right things to them.

Those who devour the possessions of the orphans unjustly devour only fire, and will surely burn in Hell.


O YOU WHO believe, fulfil your obligations. Made lawful (as food) for you are animals except those mentioned (here); but unlawful during Pilgrimage is game. God ordains whatsoever He wills.

O you who believe, do not violate the (sanctity of) offerings to God, nor the rites of the holy month, nor sacrificial cattle with garlands (that are brought to the Ka`bah), nor of the people who flock to the Holy House seeking the bounties of their Lord, and His pleasure. Hunt when you have laid aside the robe of the pilgrim. And do not let your hatred of a people who had barred you from the Holy Mosque lead you to aggression. But help one another in goodness and piety, and do not assist in crime and rebellion, and fear God. Surely God is severe in punishment.

Forbidden you is carrion and blood, and the flesh of the swine, and whatsoever has been killed in the name of some other than God, and whatever has been strangled, or killed by a blow or a fall, or by goring, or that which has been mauled by wild beasts unless slaughtered while still alive; and that which has been slaughtered at altars is forbidden, and also dividing the meat by casting lots with arrows. All this is sinful. Today the unbelievers have lost every hope of (despoiling) your creed; so do not fear them, fear Me. Today I have perfected your system of belief and bestowed My favours upon you in full, and have chosen submission (al-Islam) as the creed for you. If one of you is driven by hunger (to eat the forbidden) without the evil intent of sinning, then God is forgiving and kind.

They ask you what is lawful for them. Say: \All things are lawful for you that is clean, and what the trained hunting animals take for you as you have trained then, in the light of God`s teachings, but read over them the name of God, and fear (straying from the path of) God, for God is swift in the reckoning.\

On this day all things that are clean have been made lawful for you; and made lawful for you is the food of the people of the Book, as your food is made lawful for them. And lawful are the chaste Muslim women, and the women of the people of the Book who are chaste, (for marriage) and not fornication or liaison, if you give them their dowries. Useless shall be rendered the acts of those who turn back on their faith, and they will be among the losers in the life to come.


ALL PRAISE BE to God who created the heavens and the earth and ordained darkness and light. Yet the unbelievers make the others equal to their Lord.

It is He who created you from clay and then determined a term (of life) for you, and a term (is fixed) with Him. Even then you doubt.

He is God in the heavens and the earth. He knows what you hide and brings out into the open, and knows what you earn (of good and evil).

Yet no sign of their Lord comes to them but they turn away from it.

So they disbelieved the truth when it came to them, but they will soon come to know the reality of what they had ridiculed.

Do they not see how many generations We laid low before them, whom We had firmly established in the land as We have not established you, and showered abundant rain on them, and made rivers lap at their feet, yet whom We destroyed for their sins, and raised new generations after them?

Even if We had sent you a transcript on paper which they could feel with their hands, the unbelievers would have said: \This is nothing but clear sorcery.\

They say: \How is it no angel was sent down to him?\ Had We sent an angel down the matter would have come to an end, and they would have had no respite.

Even if We had sent down an angel as a messenger he would have appeared in the garb of a man and filled them with confusion, like the one they are filled with.

Surely the apostles have been mocked before you; but what they had mocked rebounded on the mockers themselves.


This Book has been sent down to you; so do not hesitate to warn (the unbelievers) through it, and remind the faithful.

Follow what has been revealed to you by your Lord, and do not follow any other lord apart from Him. Yet little do you care to remember?

Many a habitation have We laid low before: Our retribution came upon them in the night or in the midst of siesta at noon.

And when Our punishment overtook them they had nothing to say except cry out: \We have indeed been sinners.\

(On the Day of Reckoning) We shall question the people to whom We had sent Our apostles, (if they followed their teachings), and will question the apostles.

We shall recount (their deeds) to them with knowledge, for We were never absent (and saw all they did).

And the weighing will be just on that Day. Then those whose (deeds) are heavier in the balance will find fulfilment,

And those whose (deeds) are lighter in the scale shall perish for violating Our signs.

We settled you on the earth and provided means of livelihood for you in it, but little is the thanks you give.


THEY ASK YOU of (benefits accruing as) spoils of war. Tell them: \The benefits belong to God and His Messenger.\ So fulfil your duty to God and keep peace among yourselves. Obey God and the Prophet, If you really believe.

Only they are true believers whose hearts fill up with awe when the name of God is mentioned, and their faith is further strengthened when His messages are read out to them; and those who place their trust in their Lord,

Who are firm in devotion, and spend what We have given them,

Are true believers. There are for them (high) ranks with their Lord, and pardon and noble provision.

As your Lord sent you from your home (to fight) for the true cause, a section of the faithful was averse,

Who argued with you about the matter even after it had become quite clear as if they were being pushed into (the arms of) death as they waited?

Though God promised that one of two columns (would fall to you), you desired the one that was not armed. But God wished to confirm the truth by His words and wipe the unbelievers out to the last,

So that Truth may be affirmed and falsehood negated, even though the sinners be averse.

Remember when you prayed to your Lord for help, He heard you and said: \I shall send a thousand angels following behind you for your aid.\

He gave you the good news only to reassure your hearts, for victory comes from God alone, and certainly, God is all-mighty and all-wise.


IMMUNITY is granted to those idolaters by God and his Apostle with whom you have a treaty.

(They can) move about for four months freely in the land, but should know they cannot escape (the law of) God, and that God can put the unbelievers to shame.

A general proclamation is (made) this day of the Greater Pilgrimage on the part of God and His Apostle, that God is not bound (by any contract) to idolaters, nor is His Apostle. It is, therefore, better for you to repent. If you do not, remember that you cannot elude (the grip of) God. So announce to those who deny the truth the news of painful punishment,

Except for those idolaters with whom you have a treaty, who have not failed you in the least, nor helped anyone against you. Fulfil your obligations to them during the term (of the treaty). God loves those who take heed of themselves.

But when these months, prohibited (for fighting), are over, slay the idolaters wheresoever you find them, and take them captive or besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every likely place. But if they repent and fulfil their devotional obligations and pay the zakat, then let them go their way, for God is forgiving and kind.

If an idolater seeks protection, then give him asylum so that he may hear the word of God. Then escort him to a place of safety, for they are people who do not know.

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