70+ Best Mushroom Quotes from Nature’s Guardians

Are you looking for mushroom quotes? They celebrate the magic and mysteries of mushrooms, often reflecting their hidden beauty and transformative nature. From poetic to humorous, these quotes remind us to appreciate the fascinating world of mushrooms and the wonders they bring to our lives.

A truly good book is something as wildly natural and primitive, mysterious and marvelous, ambrosial and fertile as a fungus or a lichen.

Mushrooms can be very fancy. It’s the closest you can get to eating dirt. ~Tom Colicchio

Well, a peach has a lovely taste and so does a mushroom, but you can’t put the two together.

So I’ll be wed in the Church of the Holy Incestuous Mushroom?

Mushroom Quotes

A meal without mushrooms is like a day without rain. ~ John Cage

The only spirit that ever gave me a name was St. Tammany who reassured me of my future success early on and kept saying the name Matthew Edward Hall whom I predict will be a prophet or future savior of some sort. I’ve confirmed St. Tammany to be Tamanend, the only Native American Saint.

Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art is a mushroom.

The rain increases and umbrellas sprout like mushrooms amongst the graves. ~Erin Morgenstern

All Fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once.― Terry Pratchett

You must grow like a tree, not like a mushroom. — Janet Erskine Stuart

I look at trees, hunt mushrooms, and watch animals. Fishing is what gets me out into the woods, so I can notice these things.

You have to treat yourself like a mushroom to some degree, in order to keep on discovering things. ~Christian Bale

I am… a mushroom; On whom the dew of heaven drops now and then. ~ John Ford

Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.― Shirley Conran

By the mediation of a thousand little mosses and fungi, the most unsightly objects become radiant of beauty. There seem to be two sides of this world, presented to us at different times, as we see things in growth or dissolution, in life or death. And seen with the eye of the poet, as God sees them, all things are alive and beautiful.

If our mushrooms make you hallucinate, please inform us immediately so we can overcharge you. ~Scott Adams

In my carpet bag are the mushrooms that I gathered in the woods. With two fingers I pick up a piece and look at it. Then I take a bite and wait for my body to react. Now I’m in a better mood. In a short time, I’ll be dead. Or alive. I’m not always sure that there’s any difference.

Mushrooms are fungus, and fungus reminds me of feet, and I don’t eat feet — Soman Chainani

Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he’s a fungus! ~ Louis Tomlinson

The world is a skyscraper! Don’t always stay on the same floor! Go upstairs, go downstairs; visit the lives of other tenants! Visit eagles, and visit mushrooms!

I have myself eaten the hallucinogenic mushroom, psilocybe, a divine ambrosia in immemorial use among the Masatec Indians of Oaxaca Province, Mexico; hear the priestess invoke Tlaloc, the Mushroom-god, and seen transcendental visions. Thus I wholeheartedly agree with R. Gordon Wasson, the American discoverer of this ancient rite, that European ideas of heaven and hell may well have derived from similar mysteries.

Mushrooms grow in damp places. That’s why they are shaped like an umbrella. — Alphonse Allies

Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushroom species in nature, our ancestors and modern scientists have identified several dozen that have a unique combination of talents that improve our health. ~ Paul Stamets

The sudden appearance of mushrooms after a summer rain is one of the more impressive spectacles of the plant world.

The only evil that associates itself with mushrooms is taking too little. — Terence McKenna

Marriage is like mushrooms: we notice too late if they are good or bad. — Woody Allen

Most everything influences my work. Working in a used bookstore. Going for walks in the woods and peering at mushrooms. Writing reviews. Coming from frumpy, grumpy, faded-at-the-knees Winnipeg.― Ariel Gordon

Attend to mushrooms and all other things will answer up. ~ A. R. Ammons

Out of damp and gloomy days, out of solitude, out of loveless words directed at us, conclusions grow up in us like fungus: one morning they are there, we know not how, and they gaze upon us, morose and gray. Woe to the thinker who is not the gardener but only the soil of the plants that grow in him.

n the wake of catastrophes, fungal diversity helps restore devastated habitats. Evolutionary trends generally lead to increased biodiversity. However, due to human activities, we are losing many species before we can even identify them. In effect, as we lose species, we are experiencing devolution–turning back the clock on biodiversity, which is a slippery slope toward massive ecological collapse. The interconnectedness of life is an obvious truth that we ignore at our peril. ― Paul Stamets

Fungi constitute the most poorly understood and underappreciated kingdom of life on Earth. — Michael Pollan

Foragers feast,” my father would say, and we’d set out into the woods, cedar bark baskets in our hands. In the summer, we harvested bright red huckleberries, and salal berries so dark blue they looked like night in your hand. In the fall, we found mushrooms hiding under the trees- I was captivated by the convoluted morels, each one a labyrinth of nooks and crannies.― Erica Bauermeister

If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools.

In a forest, you can see one-third of it, which is the trees. But two-thirds are underground. It’s like the roots that go down. And the way trees communicate with each other is through mycelium. And mycelium is a mushroom. It’s a fungus.

Falling in love is like eating mushrooms, you never know if it’s the real thing until it’s too late. ~Bill Ballance

If bacteria can be pictured as teeming black ants under the microscope, imagine fungi as gossamer spider webs. These organisms form long threads called hyphae that stretch between plant roots. Some form into even larger masses called mycelium that can span an entire backyard.― Amy Stewart

But love, like a mushroom high compared with the buzz from cheap weed, outlasts grief. — Miriam Toews

I’ve always thought fairies are like mushrooms, you trip over them when you’re not thinking about them, but they’re hard to spot when you’re searching for them. ~ Jo Walton

On the subject of wild mushrooms, it is easy to tell who is an expert and who is not: The expert is the one who is still alive. ~Donal Henahan

People like to keep their little secrets to themselves. It’s like growing mushrooms in the cellar and running down to take a look at them now and then. — Marjorie Kellogg

In love, if you can say things that give the magical air and the beauty of the forest mushrooms, then what you say will definitely fascinate the person you love! ― Mehmet Murat ildan

The very idea of true patriotism is lost, and the term has been prostituted to the very worst of purposes. A patriot, sir! Why, patriots spring up like mushrooms! — Robert Walpole

I’m hoping that the more you see me, the more I’ll grow on you. Like a fungus?

Don’t eat a mushroom stem and see colors, eat the whole bag and see GOD. — Doug Stanhope

Look around when you have got your first mushroom or made your first discovery: they grow in clusters. ~George Polya

The TSA must think we’re mushrooms. You know, the way they are trying to keep us in the dark, and the way they keep feeding us a fertilizing agent that comes from the south end of a north-bound cow.— Douglas Wilson

If those dried-up little scraps of fungus taught me anything, it is that there are other stranger forms of consciousness available to us, and, whatever they mean, their very existence, to quote William James, “forbids[s] a premature closing of our accounts with reality― Michael Pollan

Maitake mushrooms are known in Japan as the dancing mushroom. According to a Japanese legend, a group of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters met on a mountain trail, where they discovered a fruiting of maitake mushrooms emerging from the forest floor. Rejoicing at their discovery of this delicious mushroom, they danced to celebrate.

In all institutions from which the cold wind of open criticism is excluded, innocent corruption begins to grow like a mushroom – for example, in senates and learned societies.— Friedrich Nietzsche

This is inspired,” Chef Martinet said. “You have made the mushroom the star. ― Stephanie Kate Strohm

Mushrooms have many helpful nutrients, including beta-glucans for immune enhancement, ergothioneine for antioxidative potentiation, nerve growth stimulators for helping brain function, and antimicrobial compounds for limiting viruses. ~ Paul Stamets

If you treat your employees like mushrooms (keep them in the dark and regularly throw crap on them), it’s entirely likely you will get precisely the work you deserve in return. — Seth Godin

Take mushrooms for example,” he continued. “Can you imagine the trial-and-error process involved in discovering all that we know about these seemingly simple Basidiomycetes? This one tastes nutty, this one killed Tony Stone dead in four minutes flat, this one took me on a tour around the universe with Odin the Allfather for a full week. ― King, Dante.

Advice is like mushrooms. The wrong kind can prove fatal. ~Charles E.

When God wants to make a mushroom, he does it overnight, but when He wants to make a giant oak, He takes a hundred years. Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering. Be patient with the process. ~ Rick Warren

Money isn’t like mushrooms in a forest – it doesn’t just pop up on its own, you know.

I’m glad mushrooms are against the law because I took them one time, and you know what happened to me? I lay in a field of green grass for four hours going, “My God! I love everything.” Yeah, now, if that isn’t a hazard to our country… How are we gonna justify arms dealing when we realize that we’re all one? — Bill Hicks

September is different from all other months. It is more magical. I feel the strange chemical change in the earth which produces mushrooms is the cause, too, of the extra ‘life’ in the air – a resilience, a sparkle. ~ Katherine Mansfield

People are going to start realizing, why take those antibiotics that are extracts of mushrooms? Why not just have the mushrooms?

It’s a weird experience when you’re just trying to talk openly about how you think psychedelic drugs and marijuana are beneficial, or a lot of different drugs, especially plant-based ones, can be beneficial. Especially those ones that have some connection to organic life, I feel like you can learn something from them, from mushrooms, from peyote, from marijuana. They can be used as a tool.— Joe Rogan

No wonder psychedelics are threatening an authoritarian religious hierarchy. You don’t need faith to benefit from a psychedelic experience, let alone a priest or even a shaman to interpret it. What you need is courage—the courage to drink the brew, eat the mushroom, or whatever it is, and then to pay attention and make of it what you will. Suddenly, the tools for direct contact with the transcendent other (whether you call it God or something else) is taken from the hands of an anointed elite and given to the individual seeker.— Dennis McKenna

The Folk does not rot the way mortals do. Sometimes their bodies grow over with lichen or bloom with mushrooms. I’ve heard stories about battlefields turning into green hills. ― Holly Black

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