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The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us, ladies and gentlemen. Us.

If people want to take the chance to watch, to see what I bring, and try to use it to better themselves, yeah, OK. But I’m not one of these guys who’s going to try to be a role model and be an angel because I want to get a Nike sponsorship.

Don’t just talk about it, take action!

Success isn’t given, it is earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat, and the occasional tear. – Nike

The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection but by the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure.

Nike Quotes

I am just happy to be part of the Nike family.

What you do is up to you. Just do it.

You’re a lion in a field of lions. All hunting the same elusive prey with a desperation that says victory is the only thing that can keep you alive.

The single easiest way to find out how you feel about someone. Say goodbye.

You are the only one who can decide what you can and can’t do.

Think training’s hard? Try losing.

Every professional was once an amateur.

Don’t picture yourself wearing O.B. J’s jersey, picture O.B. J wearing yours.

Don’t believe you have to be like anybody to be somebody.

Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.

Nike SF Air Force Ones are hands down my absolute favorite sneakers. Bria Vinaite

Agility and persistence build champions.

Nike was the essence of sports, transcendence through sports.

Does willpower know no obstacles? Find your greatness.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

I’m not a woman that’s an athlete. I’m an athlete.

Life is growth. You grow or you die.

Nike is a company everyone wants to be part of.

Make the next 12 months the year of you. Every athlete. Everybody. It’s time to bring your best and then better it. Whatever you do, make it count.

If you have only one hand, don’t just watch football. Play it. At the highest level.

When you see only problems, you’re not seeing clearly.

We’re not trying to be Nike. It’s about evolving into new products that are going to make people’s lives better.

Nike is a brand that never disappoints when high performance is a must.

The ones who say you can’t are too afraid you will. – Nike

You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.

Start unknown. Finish unforgettable.

All you have to do is pick up your feet.

You are remembered, he said, prophetically, for the rules you break. I

Not obsessed with particularly Nike, but sneakers in general. I love them.

Nike’s flexibility in marketing is what makes it dominant.

Don’t run away from challenges. Run over them.

The only one who can tell you You can’t is you. And you don’t have to listen.

Take the high road and go higher.

Like books, sports give people a sense of having lived other lives, of taking part in other people’s victories. And defeats. When sports are at their best, the spirit of the fan merges with the spirit of the athlete.

Nike doesn’t want to make products for everyone – they want to make products for champions.

Focus on the future of sports is crucial to Nike’s performance.

Nothing is over until you stop trying.

Victory is paid for in sweat, courage, and preparation

If you’re born a refugee, don’t let it stop you from playing soccer for the national team at age sixteen.

Have faith in yourself, but also have faith in faith. Not faith as others defines it. Faith as you define it. Faith as faith defines itself in your heart. In

Slumdog’ was my first movie, and I had never been to India before – I was just a teenager in the U.K. with my headphones and my Nike shoes. What did I know about growing up in a slum?

You have what it takes, you just have to let it out.

We will sweat while they sleep.

The only time you must not fail is the last time you try.

It is not the biggest stadium in the world, not the biggest players either. But the pursuit of greatness is kind of big enough.

How can I leave my mark on the world, I thought, unless I get out there first and see it?

A company like Nike can convince people to buy Air Jordans even though they never saw Michael Jordan play. Deborah Birx

Nike’s image of motivation and hard work is itself the result of hard work.

Ambitious goals make for outstanding achievement.

It’s alright to be Goliath but always act like David.

With each step comes the decision to take another. You’re on your way now. But this is not the time to dwell on how far you’ve come.

I was a linear thinker, and according to Zen linear thinking is nothing but a delusion, one of the many that keep us unhappy. Reality is nonlinear, Zen says. No future, no past. All is now.

Nike Air Max 95s – I wear them almost every day. They’re super comfortable. I get a lot of gifts, so I don’t need to shop. But if I had to choose my favorite brand, it would be Nike. Nike is the best.

Know limitations. Then defy them.

Set goals. Exercise. Love yourself. Focus on fitness. Rest and relax. Eat right. Smile. Portray positive. Enjoy life. Care for others. Tell yourself you can do this.

Do not ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough.

It’s never just business. It never will be. If it ever does become just business, that will mean that business is very bad.

Nike is the uniform for kids all over the world, and African design has been killed by Nike. Africans no longer want to wear their own designs.

Nike is very successful in motivating athletes to push themselves.

Practice inevitably gets you a little closer to perfect.

Beating the competition is relatively easy. Beating yourself is a never-ending commitment.

I love Nike running shoes and clothes because they feel as light as a feather.

Is greatness worth fighting for? What do you think?

You have the power in you, just unleash it.

It’s not where you place, it’s how hard you worked to get there.

The harder you push, the more you are pulled.

Some people are told they were born with greatness. Some people tell themselves.

But that’s the nature of money. Whether you have it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not, it will try to define your days. Our task as human beings is not to let it.

When we changed from Tiger to Nike, we had to have a design for the shoe. And where do you go to? There’s no ‘dial 9-1-1’ for design.

With Nike, you can shape the future of sports.

Break the excuses barrier. Get out there!

If it isn’t trying, you’re not trying hard enough.

You’re only one workout away from a good mood.

If they talk about the greatest team in the history of a sport, ensure it’s your team.

What makes Nike sneakers cool is their comfort and utility.

In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, there are few. —Shunryu

I’m merely a fan of fashion from high-end to streetwear, from Nike to Comme des Garcons.

Remain the fastest. Become the greatest.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Make it burn.

Greatness needs a lot of things but it doesn’t need an audience.

The art of competing, I’d learned from track, was the art of forgetting, and I now reminded myself of that fact. You must forget your limits. You must forget your doubts, your pain, and your past.

I’ve been a Nike athlete since day one.

Nike is the kind of brand that you would love to fill your closet with.

Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe dedicated

Taking it easy won’t take you anywhere.

Your opponents are stronger than you. Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heartbeat, and burn away your self-doubt with the fire that’s beneath you.

I wanted to build something that was my own, something I could point to and say: I made that. It was the only way I saw to make life meaningful.

I know when the Berlin Wall went down and I walked into what was East Berlin and saw two big Nike banners – that gave me a chill.

My sport is your sport’s punishment.

My feet hurt. From kicking so much an ss.

As long as the devil is hiding the details, the question remains: is that all you got?

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