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You cannot be wise and in love at the same time.

Find someone who is proud to have you, scared to lose you, fights for you, appreciates you, respects you, cares for you, and loves you unconditionally.

Love is unconditional: it is neither aroused nor diminished by the other’s value or qualities; it is a spontaneous gift that seeks nothing for the giver. Simon May,

Love is hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you. — Bob Marley

People like to say love is unconditional, but it’s not, and even if it was unconditional, it’s still never free. There’s always an expectation attached. They always want something in return. Like they want you to be happy or whatever and that makes you automatically responsible for their happiness because they won’t be happy unless you are … I just don’t want that responsibility. ― Katja Millay

Unconditional Love Quotes

You can try to love someone unconditionally by not expecting anything in return at all.

Your arms feel more like home than any home ever did.

If someone wants to be with you, nothing will stop them from doing so. Love doesn’t create excuses.

The greatest power that mankind could ever achieve is the power of unconditional love. This is when people love with no limitations, conditions, or boundaries. – Tony Green,

Because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.

When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth. ― Mitch Albom,

Out of all the love in the world, it is unconditional love that I want to have the most.

When I’m with you, I feel safe from the things that hurt me inside.

I love you” That means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what.

The hardest thing in the world for a human to accept is pure, unconditional, true love and acceptance. We’re conditioned to believe that love and acceptance have to be earned in some way. – Fredrica

Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. — Ram Dass

Parents were the only ones obligated to love you; from the rest of the world, you had to earn it. ― Ann Brashares,

To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. -Madonna

How do you spell love? – piglet. You don’t spell it you feel it.

One of the most toxic things I’ve ever done is ignoring the bad in someone because I love them.

True love will never make you a fool. Unconditional love will always win. – Rita Jacobsen

Almost all of you misunderstand what unconditional love is. It is holding vibrational alignment with who you are no matter what is going on around you. — Abraham Hicks

What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange, it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love. ― Nicholas Sparks,

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. -Amy Carmichael

Love is not just being with someone. Love is feeling someone even if miles separate you.

I love you, unconditionally. You are the world to me.

Since we receive God’s unconditional love, it is up to us to love unconditionally too, and this means being able to receive. – Cathy Grant, The Journey

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. — William Shakespeare,

Accept the children the way we accept trees—with gratitude because they are a blessing—but do not have expectations or desires. You don’t expect trees to change, you love them as they are. ― Isabel Allende

Find someone who is proud to have you. Scared to lose you, fights for you, appreciate you, respects you, cares for you, and loves you unconditionally.

Everyone deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow.

Love me without restriction. Trust me without fear. Want me without a demand. Accept me for who I am.

Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. Emotions and feelings change, sometimes daily. But true unconditional love is everlasting.

….when we know that even one person loves us unconditionally, we feel a connection to everyone else. – Greg Baer

The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love. ― Stephen Kendrick,

I love you with everything I am, everything I’ve been through, and everything I hope to be. I love you for my past, and I love you for my future, and for the years we’ll have together. I love you for every one of my smiles and even more, for every one of yours.

This is my confession. As dark as I am, I will always find enough light to adore you to pieces with all of my pieces.

Unconditional love is loving someone beyond their limits and yours.

No amount of money, success, ambition, compatibility, eagerness, or good intention can give meaning to or sustain your relationship like unconditional love can. Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham,

Love is so unconditional; love liberates; love is the reason why I do what I do, and so I think it is the greatest gift we have. — BeBe Winans

Which, by the way, is something highly inadvisable. Think about it — do you really want to live in a world of only two dimensions?

I love you means that I accept you for the person that you are and that I don’t wish to change you into someone else. It means that I do not expect perfection from you, just as you don’t expect it from me. I love you means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you when you are in a bad mood or too tired to do the things you want to do. It means loving you when you are down, not just when you’re fun to be with. – Deanne Laura Gilbert

I crave a love that drowns oceans.

My love for you overflows like a stream of the waterfall. You may make mistakes and we may fight but I will always love you unconditionally, just as you are. – Tanisha Lakes

It is hard to compete with unconditional love.

Until we have seen someone’s darkness we don’t really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what love is. — Marianne Williamson

If love is blind, then maybe a blind person that loves has a greater understanding of it. ― Criss Jami,

I love you,” that means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what.

We never realize how frozen we are until someone starts to melt our ice.

Unconditional love is when someone hurts you, but because you care about that person so much you choose not to hurt them in return.

But if I love you “just because,” then my love is unconditional and I can and will love you no matter what you do or don’t do.

Find people who love you unconditionally, surround yourself with them, and bring them the same level of intensity. — Sean Stephenson

It should be a privilege to be able to say “I love you” to someone. It shouldn’t be something people say just because they feel like it. A privilege that is earned. They say you have to earn the right to be loved; no, love is unconditional, if you love someone, they don’t have to earn it. But. The right to tell someone that you love them? That has to be earned. You have to earn the right to be believed. ― C. JoyBell C.

A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other.

You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.

Learn to love without any conditions, help without any expectations, and live without any regrets. – Anurag Prakash Ray

My love is unconditional. Your action is irrelevant.

When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth. — Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Good works are given to the poor and the helpless, but divine works are showing them their worth to the One who matters. ― Criss Jami,

The beginning of love is to let those we love to be perfectly themselves and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. – Thomas Merton

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.

When you start loving unconditionally, you stop judging people soon.

The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional. Stephen Kendrick

When the beauty of your soul kisses your heart you will know true love. Its bliss and unconditional sweetness will leave you forever changed. — Judy Secore

Unconditional love is hard to compete with. ― Abbi Glines,

Actual love, as in unconditional love, doesn’t mean you love everything about that person. It means you don’t need them to be different than they are for you to be happy.

I fell in love with you because of the million things you never knew you were doing.

Once you learn to accept and love them for who they are, you subconsciously learn to love unconditionally.

I had to learn to love myself unconditionally before I could love others with equal love and purity. – Kenyatta Arnette

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.– Lana Del Rey

They say you have to earn the right to be loved; no, love is unconditional, if you love someone, they don’t have to earn it. But. The right to tell someone that you love them? That has to be earned. You have to earn the right to be believed. ― C. JoyBell C.

God, he suddenly understood, was love in its purest form, and in these last months with his children, he had felt His touch as surely as he had heard the music spilling from Ronnie’s hands. ― Nicholas Sparks,

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be himself or herself, without the threat of you leaving.

When you realize how much God loves you – with an extravagant, irresistible, unconditional love – then his love will change your entire focus on life. If we don’t receive God’s love for us, we’ll have a hard time loving other people. – Rick Warren

Nothing you become will disappoint me; I have no preconceptions about what I’d like to see you be or do. I have no desire to forsee you, only to discover you. You can’t disappoint me. ― Mary Haskell

Love her but leave her wild. ― Atticus

If someone is facing a difficult time one of the kindest things you can do for him or her is to say I am going to love you through this. – Molly Friedenfeld

If you love somebody, you love them with their scars, their sadness, and their flaws.

Loving and being loved unconditionally means taking a leap of faith.

To love everyone unconditionally does not mean to give everyone your unconditional time. Sometimes, to love completely, we must never see someone again. This, too, is love. This is giving someone the freedom to exist and be happy

Love — not dim and blind but so far-seeing that it can glimpse around corners, around bends and twists and illusion; instead of overlooking faults love sees through them to the secret inside. ― Vera Nazarian,

Fall in love with someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure.

No matter how many times she was told that she was loved, there was no recognition that the proof was in the abandonment. ― Markus Zusak,

Fall in love with someone who will take care of your heart and keep it safe from harm. Someone who opens up their soul and doesn’t keep any secrets from you. Someone who brings you happiness and makes you laugh.

Loving someone you don’t see every day is not a bad thing. It’s just proof that love is not in sight but in the heart.

There are no words to express the depth of my love for you. Just when I feel that my heart is so full that it will burst, my love for you grows even more. – Fredrica

To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. — Madonna

You are evidence of your mother’s strength, especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity. ― Criss Jami

I don’t want someone who stands next to me because they are lonely. I want someone who stands next to me because they can’t imagine standing next to anyone else. – Mr. Burr

Unconditional love is loving someone beyond their limits, and yours.

A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.

If your child is secure in the knowledge that you love them no matter what then raising them becomes easier. – James R. Morrison,

I do not want to change anything in you. I love you the way you are.

No, I do not want to be loved unconditionally. I want to be shown when I am treating you less than you deserve. I want you to leave if I ever start making you promises I do not see through. Love me for my flaws, yes, but don’t you dare ever allow them to hurt you. ― Beau Taplin

Imagine meeting someone who wanted to learn your past, not to punish you, but to understand how you needed to be loved.

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