80+ Best Valentine’s Day Quotes For Husband, & Messages

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Saint Valentine, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life.

Marrying you was like a dream and one that I shared only inside. When you wish upon a star, the deepest hopes you cannot hide. I’ll always thank my lucky stars because my dream was yours. I’ll always be so grateful that we share a perfect love made for two! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. Thank you for always making me feel like the prettiest woman in the world.

I didn’t fall for you, you tripped me. – Jenny Han

Wishing my handsome husband a very happy valentine’s day. May God keep us together forever.

Valentine’s Day Quotes For Husband

In case you ever foolishly forget: I am not thinking about you. —Virginia Woolf

I love you is what I would have to say and I would always show how much in every possible way! Happy Valentine’s Day To A Fantastic Husband.

With you, every day feels like Valentine’s Day. Thank you for loving me madly and deeply.

I’ve only ever said I love you to two men in my entire life, Stone Cold Steve Austin and a guy in a dark club who I mistook for Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can be third. – Elenor Shellstrop

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life. You are my love, my heart, and my joy.

It’s just one day in the year, but you should know that I love you every day and every moment. Take my love on this beautiful occasion.

Best Friend, Wonderful Lover, Priceless and Perfect You are all of those things to me! Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am truly blessed and lucky to be your wife. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, dear hubby.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It took full five minutes. – Lucille Ball

To my dearest husband, sending my warm wishes to you on this valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day.

The more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other. Happy Valentine’s

I could say, “I love you” a million times and you would never truly know much I really care. I’m just grateful for having you and for building this life that we share. Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to a wonderful husband and doting father of my kids. Love you to the moon and back.

Love is a lot like backache. It doesn’t show up on x-rays, but you know it’s there. – George Burns

Life is blissful and happy with a handsome and romantic husband like you. Happy Valentine’s day.

Love is friendship that has caught on fire. —Ann Landers

The best husband the best friend! Happy Valentine’s Day With Love.

Life is so easy with you by my side. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear hubby.

Just the idea of losing you is enough to make me realize how time is irrelevant when it comes to how deeply I hold you in my heart. I’m so glad we found one another.

I always thank God for blessing me with such an amazing husband like you. Thanks for being so loving and caring toward me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Every love song is about you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

For My Hubby, Everything hasn’t always been roses and chocolate dreams. But through it all, we have held together and made it no matter how hard it seemed. I love you now even more than before. My dream is that our love will continue to endure! Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are my Sun, my Moon, and all of my Stars! Happy Valentine’s Day, cutie pie.

The best part about getting to know you are anticipating that each day brings new surprises that are all about you. – Robin Raven

Thanks for being one of the coolest husbands in the world, sweetheart. I cannot describe how much I love and care for you. You mean the whole universe to me. Happy Valentine’s day.

I never liked Valentine’s Day, and then I met you and I understood what it was all about.

To My Husband, My Love What I have found in you can never be duplicated or replaced. It is a true and genuine love that comes from the depths of one’s very being. Thank you for being in my life and for showing me that same love! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face, when I am sad and most importantly loving me the way I am. You are truly a blessing in my life.

Thanks for reminding me what butterflies feel like.

Valentine’s day is more special because I get to celebrate with the person I love the most. I love you.

Thank you for bringing so much love, joy, and adventure into my life. I love you.

A best friend is good, but a husband that’s a best friend is the best! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Best Friend, My Love, and My Husband.

I need you like a heart needs a beat. You are my universe.

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder but if you are having a bad day, you would want nothing more than to bury yourself in the arms of the person you love. What do you do when they are miles away This Valentine’s day, don’t let the distance come between you and your partner. All the love you carry for them in your heart and let this wonderful Valentine’s day wishes for your husband help you.

Sweetheart, I truly appreciate your efforts to make me smile. Thanks for being the greatest husband.

You still make me laugh. You still give me butterflies. And I’m still falling for you every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

How could I not love a husband that’s as giving as you are, as unique as a priceless gem, and as perfect for me as I could have dreamed? Happy Valentine’s Day With Love.

Every minute feels like an hour. Every hour feels like a day. Every day feels like forever. But I will wait forever and a day for you.

Happy valentines day husband! It is an amazing journey to be with you, and I want this ride till my last days. I’m always here for you.

I’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Every day is special because of you. Happy Valentine’s Day With Love.

If ever there is a tomorrow when we aren’t together, there is something you must remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are apart, I will always be with you.

Dear hubby, on this valentine’s I want to tell you that you are my lifeline and I can’t live without you.

Every valentine’s day is a new way to cherish and nourish my love for you, lovely husband. You have been there for me every time I needed you. I love you and will always be on your side to support you.

Through all the seasons, through all of the time… I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I can always count on you. You have all the right moves, all the right answers, all the right everything! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Perfectly Right Husband!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life. Still, my heart skips a beat when you call my name.

What I have with you is worth it. It’s worth every lonely night, every tear I cry from missing you, and the pain I feel from not having you close. It is worth it because you are my one and only. When I picture myself years from now, I see only you. No matter how painful the distance is, not having you in my life will be worse.

Every day my love grows deeper and this Valentine’s, I love you more than the last year. Happy Valentine’s Day Husband.

Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction. —Antoine de

I have a love that I cannot really explain. It’s a love so deep and I call it by name. This love that I have is always there and it’s my dream to spend a lifetime of sharing in his love and care. Happy Valentine’s Day To My Love.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

People celebrate Valentine’s with a rose, but as beautiful as the rose is, it can never be used to compare how amazing our love has been over the years. After all these times, we are still together, basking in love. Thank you for everything darling.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hubby! I cannot even imagine a day without you, sweetheart.

When we met, I knew I wanted to spend every single Valentine’s Day with you. You’re my rock and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I have everything in you. It feels great to be satisfied and completely in love! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Awesome Husband.

My love for you is deeper than oceans and higher than mountains. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing husband a woman can ask for.

The distance cannot let our love fade away, rather it is going to make it stronger. Warm wishes on Valentine’s Day to my darling. I wish you were here holding me in your arms.

Dear Husband, I love you not only on special days but also every single day of the year. With you, every day is a day of love for me. Happy Valentines Day.

To my hubby on this Valentine’s Day, I’m yours forever.

I know that I don’t always say it and I am confident that I could say it much more, but the fact will always remain that I love you more and more and more! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Husband.

When I first met you, I didn’t imagine you were gonna be this important to me.

I hope you feel the warmth of my embrace all day even if we are thousands of miles apart. This Valentine’s Day, I want you to know my love for you is even stronger now than when we took our wedding vows. I love you now and always.

Happy Valentine’s Day, husband. I love the way we live and how we love each other. I’m wishing you a happy and love-filled day this year.

To another Valentine’s Day spent with the love of my life, and to many more.

I love everything about you, from head to toe, and everything in between! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Husband.

Together with you is my favorite place to be.

If food has been the first love of your special someone, why not express your love in a foodie style? Express your love for them mixed with their love for food with these unique Valentines day wishes for your husband and make your V-day super special! Not only will they love the quirky references but these V-day wishes will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Waking up in your arms is one of my favorite blessings. Thanks for being my forever valentine.

I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Only true love can heal all the wounds of the past! Thank you for your love, care, and attention.

To My Hubby, We had such a beautiful start that I never want to forget. We should make a pact to always take time and to remember that besides being lovers, we’re friends. Happy Valentine’s Day.

My love for you is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around. – Dora J. Arod

You are a magician who can make me feel loved and smile miles away. Happy Valentine’s Day my love. Come home soon.

I would choose you again and again. Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman of my dreams.

What you have given to me is more than I ever thought possible true love! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wonderful Husband!

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