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French proverb Life is like an onion, which one peel crying.

The tears dissolve the last block of ice in my throat. I feel the frozen stillness melt down through the inside of me, dripping shards of ice that vanish in a puddle of sunlight on the stained floor. Words float up. – Laurie Halse Anderson

That stick […] had become all but part of me. It was a link with my children, whom I missed more than I can tell you. I felt like weeping.

When you feel sad, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Everyone has those days when you doubt yourself, and when you feel like everything you do sucks, but then there are those days when you feel like Superman. It’s just the balance of the world. I just write to feel better. – Mac Miller

God gave us crying so other folks could see when we needed help, and help us. – Joshilyn Jackson

Crying Quotes

Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you. ― Lauren Conrad

I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.

Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.

English proverb It’s no use crying over spilled milk.

Tears alone were sweet to me, for in my heart’s desire they had taken the place of my friend. – St. Augustine

My heart woke me crying last night.

People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.

It is the hypocrisy of this society, which lets a man laugh but not cry. – Nitya Prakash

Those who do not weep, do not see. ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.

When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them.

American Indian proverb Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts.

Tearless grief bleeds inwardly.

If you’ve never eaten while crying, you don’t know what life tastes like.

Don’t be ashamed to weep; ’tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones are sealed inside to comfort us.

If we can laugh, fine. And if we’ve got to cry, we’ve got to cry. – Charles

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.

American Indian proverb The soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears.

Suddenly I’m having one of those moments that you have after losing someone – when you feel as if you’ve been kicked in the stomach and all your breath is gone, and you might never get it back. I want to sit down on the dirty, littered ground right now and cry until I can’t cry anymore – Jennifer Niven

There’s a leak,’ she pronounced. ‘I told You that You were trying to put too much into this model.

Tears are words that need to be written.

Sometimes, when you lose – when people die – it is very hard to make tears. You feel like you want to make tears but something inside you stops them and they press your chest. Like something sitting on it. – Shruti Swami

Laugh, even when you feel too sick or too worn out or tired.

Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of the earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried than before–more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.

Soon the whole woods could hear the voice bawl, ‘How did you get to be tiny and small? You’re too small to huddle and cuddle,’ it said, ‘and you’ll only get lost in my giant-sized bed!’ – Jez Alborough

It’s for joy, sadness, disappointment, pain, loneliness, and pride.’

Blood and tears are the same. Both are the body’s way of crying for help – Jeremy Jenkins

To hide feelings when you are near crying is the secret of dignity. ― Dejan Stojanovic

Twirl, even when your mind makes no sense of what you see.

Sometimes…you can cry until there’s nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen. And, still, it makes no difference. It goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you. And you know that if it ever did relent…it would not be because it cared. – Jhonen Vasquez

I lifted up my hands and called upon eternal truth, not with words but with tears.

Ten years ago, I still feared loss enough to abandon myself in order to keep things stable. I’d smile when I was sad, and pretend to like people who appalled me. What I now know is that losses aren’t catacly

If they teach the heart and soul their natural cycle of breaking and healing. – Martha Beck

Sometimes the simplest saying is the best saying. It’s also the quickest permission slip anyone can give.

Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. ― Carl Sandburg

The worst type of crying wasn’t the kind everyone could see–the wailing on street corners, the tearing at clothes. No, the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did, there was no way to comfort it. A section withered and became a scar on the part of your soul that survived. For people like me and Echo, our souls contained more scar tissue than life.

Sometimes, when you lose – when people die – it is very hard to make tears. You feel like you want to make tears but something inside you stops them and they press your chest. Like something sitting on it.– Shruti Swami

If we can laugh, fine. And if we’ve got to cry, we’ve got to cry. – Charles Bukowski

To deny the cry in my soul is to deny the beating in my heart – Nikki Rosen

I shed more tears than God could ever have required.― Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations

Frolick, even when you are made fun of. Kiss, even when others are watching. Sleep, even when you’re afraid of what the dreams might bring.

Sometimes only pain can heal – Danielle Paige

As a youngster I was frightened of the dark—used to wake up sobbing in it, as if it were water and I were drowning—but you will observe that I have disciplined myself so thoroughly against that fear, that I much prefer a dark to a lit room

If somebody hurts you, it’s okay to cry a river, just remember to build a bridge and get over it.— Taylor Swift

You get confused by crying women, I get confused by walks with princes.– Kiera Cass

More and more, the hardest part of crying is when I can’t stop. ― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

And, always, remember, even when the memories pinch your heart. Because the pain of all your experience is what makes you the person you are now. And without your experience—you are an empty page, a blank notebook, a missing lyric. What makes you brave is your willingness to live through your terrible life and hold your head up high the next day. So don’t live life in fear. Because you are stronger now, after all the crap has happened than you ever were back before it started.

We need never be ashamed of our tears.

Something that was mine was in his mouth, more his than mine now. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment as I kept staring at him, but suddenly, I had a fierce urge to cry. And rather than fight it, as with orgasm, I simply let myself go, if only to show him something equally private about me as well. – André Aciman

I am not crying now. I am not anything.

It doesn’t hurt to feel sad from time to time. – Willie Nelson

Watch a movie that makes you laugh or listen to a song that makes you cry. Embrace your emotions and be proud of what you feel.– Demi Lovato

I never guessed I could cry so hard my face hurt. ― Vernor Vinge, A Fire Upon the Deep

When you love someone, truly love them, you lay your heart open to them. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt-you literally hand them the razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul. And when they do strike, it’s crippling-like having your heart carved out.

I didn’t want my picture taken because I was going to cry. I didn’t know why I was going to cry, but I knew that if anybody spoke to me or looked at me too closely the tears would fly out of my eyes and the sobs would fly out of my throat and I’d cry for a week. I could feel the tears brimming and sloshing in me like water in a glass that is unsteady and too full.

Crying is the relief you feel when you accept how you feel. It’s not a weakness, it’s a biological function.

I want to be picked up and rocked to sleep in someone’s arms, and carried up to bed just one more time.

Life has to be everything. It can’t be all sad. It can’t be all peaches and cream. Because the lows have you appreciate the highs. And the highs give you perspective on the lows. If it’s not everything, it becomes flat or mundane. – Sterling K. Brown

Life is an onion – you peel it year by year and sometimes cry. – Carl Sandburg
The pungent onion is notorious for making a person cry, but not always. Sometimes you even learn tricks to avoid tears, too.

People can cry much easier than they can change. ― James Baldwin

You get confused by crying women, I get confused by walks with princes.

Eventually, something you love is going to be taken away. And then you will fall to the floor crying. And then, however much later, it is finally happening to you: you’re falling to the floor crying thinking, I am falling to the floor crying,

That was the thing about best friends. Like sisters and mothers, they could piss you off and make you cry and break your heart, but in the end, when the chips were down, they were there, making you laugh even in your darkest hours. – Kristin Hannah

All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Just because you are sad, it doesn’t mean that you are not strong or loved. Know that you are.

When was the last time you had a good

Tears never were worth the effort of crying them.― Mary Balogh, The Devil’s Web

When we are born, we cry that we come to this great stage of fools.

Do not apologize for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots.

That stick […] had become all but part of me. It was a link with my children, whom I missed more than I can tell you. I felt like weeping. – Bill Bryson

All alone, in the middle of the night, Coraline began to cry. There was no other sound in the empty flat.

Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.– Steven Tyler

Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak … Sometimes it’s what you need to do to get strong again– J.W. Lynne

When pain brings you down, don’t be silly, don’t close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sunshine.

Those who do not weep, do not see.

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